17 best camera bags, straps, inserts and backpacks (2021)

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We tested a lot of camera bag. Here are the others we really like, but have been eclipsed by our first choice.

Wandrd Roam 9L strap for $149: Wandrd’s new sling comes in three sizes: 3, 6 and 9 liters.I tried the latter and it became a bag for all the bicycles I carried with me Electric scooterIt can be carried as a sling, messenger bag or waist bag, and since the soft padding fits my back, it is really good to wear for a long time. The combination of 840 denier and 1680D ballistic nylon and waterproof YKK zipper makes it feel like it’s worth the money. There is enough space for cameras, lenses and other accessories. Do I need to bring a tripod? Use the strap provided to tie it to the bottom. Need to bring a large tablet or laptop?get Wandrd’s laptop bag ($46), And elegantly insert it vertically into the rearmost pocket. The only reason this option is not listed above as a complete recommendation is due to shipping delays; it is not expected to arrive until the spring of 2022.

Domke F-832 shoulder bag for $120: This is the bag I (Julian) used to pack in 2014 The December parade in Washington, DC, (Domke bag is also the official camera bag White House Press Photographers Association). Fair warning: The padding at the bottom is not thick, and the included insert is fragilely connected by a single Velcro cord inside the bag. But I still like this bag because it is spacious. When my photo kit consists of my camera and an extra battery, I can throw spare clothes, laptop, and toiletries in this bag without having to think too much about organizing anything. The appearance of the waxed canvas does not immediately make people feel that there is camera equipment inside, which is an advantage when traveling.

Gitzo Legende camera backpack for $230: This Gitzo bag can be said to be the best aesthetic of all the backpacks in this guide, as if you were Indiana Jones, starting a new adventure. There is a side access pocket, but getting anything else in the camera cube at the bottom is a chore. It’s just not designed to be very intuitive. Your laptop has a separate section, but many zipper pockets, side pockets, and pouches are so small that they can only hold so much.

Lowepro PhotoSport Outdoor Backpack III 15L, now priced at $230: This bag only looks good on the trails and can only fit a small DSLR or mirrorless in its movable cube (side access!). It will work well with your other hiking equipment, and there will be enough space for snacks and anything you want during a short hike (including a 2 liter water bag). It is made of 75% recycled fabric.

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