COVID updates: Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly says no evidence AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots — as it happened



Kelly: ‘Clots happen’

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly spoke pretty extensively about clot concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine, citing a bunch of medical bodies who have come out with statements saying they continue to back the vaccine. I’ll dig those up and bring them to you when I get a sec, but for now, let’s look at Professor Kelly. 

He said that safety was the first priority in Australia and explained why we’re still giving it the thumbs up when some other countries such as France and Ireland are pausing their rollout of the shot.

Basically, he said that just because something [in this case, blood clots] happened after people were given a vaccine, doesn’t mean the vaccine was behind that something happening. Kinda like everyone’s favourite scientific proverb: correlation does not equal causation. 

“We do expect to see unusual events and we monitor very carefully and closely for those,” Professor Kelly said. 

“But this does not mean that an event that has happened after a vaccine has been given is due to that vaccine.

“I remain confident in the AstraZeneca vaccine that it is safe and as this point there is no evidence that it causes blood clots.

“Blood clots happen.

“About 17,000 blood clots [are reported] in Australia every year.

“But from my perspective I do not see that there’s a specific link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots.”


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