Best co-op games of the year 2021: It Takes Two is the GOAT



The best co-op games of the year are here to save the day! Being trapped at home can be rather damaging to your mental health, especially when you’re unable to see some of your closest friends due to the quarantine. Many of us have looked towards multiplayer games to unwind, where we can once again be social without the need for physical interaction. 

We’ve highlighted some of the greatest multiplayer experiences that have become popular in 2021, whether it’s because they made us laugh, shout or cower in fear.

It Takes Two 

Not only is It Takes Two the number one cooperative experience of 2021, it’s one of the best games ever. Hazelight Studios, helmed by the iconic Josef “f**k the Oscars” Fares, made another bold decision for It Takes Two to be a game that could only be experienced with another person. Unless you’re a master at using each controller with one hand, you cannot get through this alone. Every battle and puzzle relies on another player contributing to achieve a common goal, whether that’s creating grapple points with a nail gun or moving leaf platforms to make a number of jumps less hazardous.

It Takes Two Review: This is how it runs on PC

(Image credit: EA)

What makes It Takes Two special in particular is that it’s not tethered down by a single genre. Depending on which character you select, It Takes Two jumps between puzzler, platformer, racer, third-person shooter, stealth game, hack-and-slash, isometric dungeon crawler, fighter, and flight simulator. Players will most frequently solve puzzles and hop across platforms, but the overall experience is bolstered by unique mini-games and fresh mechanics.


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