How to restore YouTube dislikes — get back those downward thumbs



Where did YouTube’s dislikes go? Well, technically they didn’t go anywhere. You can still dislike videos, but the stats are invisible to you as the viewer. Creators, on the other hand, can still see them behind the scenes. Google decided to place an invisible cloak over the thumbs-down metrics because it wants to deter “dislike attacks” whereby online mobs bombard a video with negativity due to their personal vendetta against the creator. 

Google also discovered a psychological phenomena in which people are less likely to dislike a video if they can’t see the stats. In other words, users tend to hit the thumbs-down button when they spot high dislikes — even though they don’t necessarily dislike the video itself. As such, the search-engine giant decided to remove dislike visibility. If you’re unhappy about this, don’t worry. There is a way to restore your dislikes.

How to Restore YouTube dislikes 


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