Comstech begins PhD and Postdoc fellowships for displaced



ISLAMABAD: TWAS-COMSTECH Science in Exile PhD and Postdoc fellowship programme for displaced and refugee scientists have been launched. UNESCO and TWAS have partnered with COMSTECH in the UNESCO-TWAS-COMSTECH Science in Exile Fellowship Programme for displaced and refugee scholars and scientists, says a Press release.
The programme aims to provide an opportunity – to displaced and refugee scholars and scientists who have not yet found a safe and long-term host country – to pursue doctoral and post-doctoral studies in Pakistan, at institutions which are members of the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence (CCoE), starting in 2022.
Nationals of Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan are eligible to avail this opportunity. The study fields for PhD fellowships are agricultural sciences, structural, cell and molecular biology, biological systems and organisms, medical and health sciences, neurosciences, chemical sciences, engineering sciences, computing and IT, astronomy, space and earth sciences, mathematical sciences, and physics.
Women are encouraged to avail this opportunity. The closing date for application is 28 January 2022.


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