How to clear Google Chrome Autofill data



 Google Chrome’s autofill function is a helpful feature that has been around for as long as the browser itself. Most of the time it works perfectly, but there are other moments where it can be frustrating — such as randomly filling out boxes on sites you’ve never visited, or saving incorrect details like past addresses or wrong passwords. To change this, you’ll need to clear your browser’s autofill data, but before we tackle this, let’s first look into how Chrome’s autofill works.

Whenever you view a form using your Chrome browser, it intelligently detects what each field is for. This information automatically populates each field with the autofill data you previously saved. Beyond a single set of data, Chrome also lets you choose which data set it should use for your form — one for work, another for home, etc.

How to delete Your Chrome browser’s saved autofill data 


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