Service NSW COVID-19 check-in app suffers ‘unplanned outage’ across state



Some services on the primary smartphone app used for COVID-19 check-ins in NSW have been restored after an “unplanned outage”, the State Government said.

The ServiceNSW app went down across the state around 3:00pm, leaving patrons unable to register their details at restaurants and bars.

A Department of Customer Service spokesperson confirmed the outage was resolved after four hours.

“This afternoon the Service NSW App and MyServiceNSW account experienced an unexpected outage preventing customers from accessing some services,” the spokesperson said.

“Service NSW apologises for any inconvenience caused by the outage and thanks customers for their understanding during this time.”

Customer services were now in the process of being restored, the spokesperson added.

It remains unclear why the service went down in the first place, however Service NSW said they did not believe it was malicious.

“There is no evidence to suggest the outage was the result of a cyber attack.”

Earlier, Customer Service NSW said: “It is vital that customer check in details are still collected digitally to remain COVID Safe.

“Customers and businesses are encouraged to use the Service NSW webform for all check-ins. The webform is not impacted by the outage.”

While there has been no reported community transmission of COVID-19 in NSW for more than 50 days, “check-ins” at venues remain mandatory.

Customers trying to access the app and punch in their pin are being met with “incorrect” login errors and many are getting locked out after five attempts.

The app is also used for digital driver’s licences and is a legal means to present identification at bars, bottle shops or at traffic stops without have to provide your physical proof of identity.

The NSW government also uses the app to distribute “Dine and Discover” vouchers, which were aimed at stimulating the hospitality and entertainment sector in Sydney.

The app is responsible for up to 2.5 million COVID-19 check-ins a day.


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