The Apple Watch SE is still one of the best smartwatches — here’s why



“But it doesn’t come with the Always-On display” is a mind-numbing comment that refused to subside when picking up an Apple Watch SE for the first time, leading me towards the grander and definitely always-on Apple Watch Series 7. The specialist at the Apple Store broke down the key advantages of the Cupertino giant’s triumphant wearable over the seemingly redundant “Special Edition” smartwatch — but that damned quote kept rattling around. 

The Apple Watch Series 5 introduced the game-changing Always-On display, a feature that continues to be a strong selling point for the undisputed champion of the smartwatch world. It also presents a dilemma: pay extra for a feature that may not be worth your hard-earned cash or settle for a watch that looks like a metallic brick the majority of the time? It’s the first-world-problems edition of Sophie’s Choice.  


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