Best Nintendo Switch games of the year 2021: Samus is finally back



The best Nintendo Switch games of the year 2021 are here to fill you with wonder and dread (pun intended). Nintendo Switch has seen its fourth full year since launch, and it’s becoming clearer than ever that it’s on the way to become one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles. After Wii U’s underwhelming global sales and a lack of console exclusives to keep it relevant, Nintendo Switch has proven that the company is back on track for another incredible console.

There was plenty of stuff to play on Nintendo Switch this year, so without further ado, here are our favorites.

Monster Hunter Rise 

Monster Hunter’s reputation skyrocketed after Monster Hunter World solidified itself as the best-selling Capcom game ever published. And with Rise, the team has continued evolving and expanding upon the best aspects of the series. For example, the game’s Hunting Horn weapon is no longer confusing to use and is absolutely awesome to smack monsters with. Capcom has also shrunk the size of the hub area, making it easier for players to get around.

Monster Hunter Rise

(Image credit: Capcom)

Palicos, which are cat-like creatures who accompany the player on their hunts, have always been an iconic part of the series. But Rise also introduced the ability to have a Palamute, which is a mountable dog-like companion that you can have by your side. Giving players more adorable animals to bring with them into the fray was the right move, Capcom. There’s plenty of exhilaration in riding your wolf into battle, jumping off their back, and slamming downwards onto a vicious monster’s head.


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