Create an Instagram Bio that is Perfect for Business Accounts


The Instagram profile bio will be the first thing users can see when they visit your account. It’s crucial to write the ideal Instagram bio for businesses to reflect your brand’s character.

It’s crucial to determine what kind of personality you’d like to display for your company. Are you a modern or classic brand? Are you a company with an open and welcoming workplace, or do you prefer formal structures? Are you a customer-centric brand? What are the principles your brand is committed to? For instance, protecting the environment by lessening your carbon footprint or using ethically-sourced raw materials is a great way to demonstrate your fundamental values.

Knowing the fundamental values and the personality of your brand can aid in creating a suitable biography and content which appeals to the right people.

The fundamental elements of your account

The following are the elements of your company account that engage the public right from the beginning:

Follower Count: The number of followers you have will reflect on your brand’s perceived success and importance. If you are just starting out, it is worth considering to buy Instagram followers from a reputable provider, such as Mr. Insta.
Profile photo: You can use your company’s logo or other brand images here.
Username: Ideally, this should be your company’s name. If you don’t have it, you can add numbers or symbols to it and keep the original word.
Bio: This provides relevant details about your brand.
Website: Add the URL to your site or landing pages here.
Phone or email: You can include either or both of your contact information so that potential customers can reach you directly.
Directions: This allows customers to navigate to your store or office. You may not need to do this in the case of a solely online brand.
Contact and various actions: Users will use these buttons to perform actions like calling or sending an email to you.

How to write the perfect bio

Know your purpose Know if you wish customers to be redirected to your site or contact you in any way, or whether you would like customers to buy your product or service directly via Instagram’s e-commerce setting.
Only include the essential details There’s a limit of 150 characters for bios, so make sure you only have crucial information. For example, your niche (food, finance, beauty, fashion, etc. ) or location, as well as the services or products you provide.
Utilize emoji: incorporating emoji into your bio text gives you a unique look to your bio. It does not appear dull.
Make it easy The bio is small; make sure that it’s easy to read and don’t make it difficult to understand. Most internet users are blessed with a short time to read and will not look at it if they find it complex or confusing.
Add relevant hashtags. Include hashtags pertinent to your brands, like your industry or location, your product or service (if it’s a well-known one), or even a customized hashtag that includes your company’s name. It allows those searching for hashtags to find your profile to increase audience engagement in organic ways.
Include appropriate CTAs and actions buttons. For example: if you wish your customers to contact you, you can add the ‘Call Now’ button or an ‘Email’ option if they require it to do. It is possible to connect third-party applications to your profile and include action buttons that take your customers to the app or website. For instance, you could use a ‘Book Now’ button that directs users to an appointment-booking platform.
Add a hyperlink to your landing page. This is essential when you direct visitors to your site or landing page to guide them through the sales process. It also increases your credibility to include an official website listed in your bio.
Give relevant contact details. Make sure that you include the correct contact number and email address. Customers will reach you via these channels, particularly if you have a compelling CTA and the appropriate action button. This will generate high-quality leads and increase sales.


The ideal bio for your company’s Instagram account and including all of the information will help increase your sales and increase your following. 

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