I ran Windows 11 on an M1 Mac: Here’s my experience



Microsoft’s strict hardware limits for Windows 11 meant millions of PC owners will be stuck on Windows 10 forever — that list also includes MacBooks. Since Windows 11 demands a TPM chip to run and the latest M1 Macs don’t support Boot Camp utility (which has let Mac owners install Windows on their computers for years), it’s not possible to install Microsoft’s new OS on Apple-branded computers. Yet, for the last week, I’ve been running Windows 11 and macOS programs side-by-side on my M1 Mac Mini

That’s courtesy of Parallels, the virtualization software whose latest update makes booting up Windows  11 in a window on an M1 Mac as simple as downloading an app. It skirts Windows 11’s mandatory TPM chip requirement with a virtual alternative that’s enough to trick the OS into believing you’re using it on a compatible machine. 


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