Best Games of the Year 2021: Halo Infinite didn’t make the cut



Somehow most of us are still locked inside of our homes and real life feels like a fever dream of monotonous, homogenous days, but keeping us from losing touch with reality are the best games of the year of 2021. 

It’s been quite the wild ride for games this year; we’ve seen the lowest lows and the highest highs. My heart was broken when Halo Infinite launched and failed to provide a satisfying narrative, but the action-horror fiend in me was oh, so satisfied by the epic tale that is Resident Evil Village. Halo Infinite wasn’t the only contender to miss out on this list, as the subtle whispers of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania lingered in the air during our first Game of the Year meeting, but were ultimately put to rest by review score alone. We also briefly thought about The Medium before tossing it aside for its unsatisfying ending.


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