A guide to organizing a party at your apartment without it getting out of control


It can be extremely enjoyable to spend time with friends. As a college student, you have a lot of things on your plate. You have a hectic schedule, and you have multiple deadlines that you have to meet. You want to be able to relax, lay back, and have a party with your friends. At the same time, you don’t want your party to get out of control.


When some students hear the word “party,” they believe that they should come and bring all of their friends. As you are living in an apartment, you know that things cannot get too loud or too rowdy, so by following some helpful tips, you can organize a great party in your apartment without getting kicked out.

#1 Make a List

Whether you live in JMU off-campus housing or on campus, you know that there are rules and regulations as to the number of people that you are allowed to have in your space at the same time. In order to avoid unwanted guests, make a list of your invitees and require them to RSVP. Make sure that all your invitees know that they are not allowed to bring any extra guests without your knowledge.


Place a person at the entrance to your apartment, and as each person comes into the party, check their names on the list. If they are not on the list, then they are not allowed to come in. In this way, only people who you know and trust will come to your party.

#2 Tell Your Guests What To Bring

You want to be able to have a fun party with all of your friends, but you are not responsible for providing all of the food and drinks. Even if you make the lion share of the food, why not ask some of the invitees to bring something simple. If you have a few people bring drinks or finger food, it could really help out. When you tell others what to bring, you also avoid the issue of having too much of the same thing.

#3 Make a Closed Door Policy

You want to be reasonable as to the time when your guests can arrive. At the same time, you do not want to have a bunch of people arriving super late. Let your friends know that there will be a specific time when you will no longer be accepting guests. If your guests haven’t arrived by a certain time, then you will no longer be allowing anyone into your apartment. It can sound harsh, but it will motivate your guest to come on time.


#4 Watch The Drinks

If you do not prefer any of your guests to end up all drunk, then be vigilant with the alcohol. Whether you have an open bar or free-flowing drinks, monitor the amount that people are drinking. You could even ask some of your friends to be designated “spies” who keep an eye on the people who seem to be drinking too much. These people can kindly remind friends not to over-drink.

#5 Designated Drivers

It is possible that some of your friends will drink a little too much even when you are watching, so have preset designated drivers. These pre-designated drivers are only allowed to have one or two drinks all night, and they can take friends home who drink more than they should.


Make sure to designate people who are responsible who you can trust to follow through with their assignment until the party ends. You could also choose to only invite friends who live within walking distance, so you can send them home if they get too rowdy.

Your Party Your Way

Having a party can be exciting for you and all of your guests, but you want to make sure that you are in control of what goes on in your apartment. Things can get out of control, and you could be responsible if you do not do some planning. By watching who comes to your party and the amount that they drink, you can have a fun time with your friends without letting things get too rowdy.