‘That’s it?!’ 2021 tech and games that failed to live up to their hype



Hype can be mentally perilous, especially after the smoke clears. It sweeps you up on a wave of high expectations, edge-of-your-seat anticipation and buoyant optimism — only to drag you down into depths of despair and disappointment. Fan bases and tech giants both work in cohesion to drum up excitement for an upcoming, hotly anticipated product, but after spending your hard-earned money to secure it, it fails to live up to the hype. “That’s it?” you say. “That’s what I was excited for all this time?”

Sound familiar? Don’t worry; the Laptop Mag staff can relate. This year, there were many tech products and games that piqued our interests, but once they hit the market, they didn’t meet our high expectations. Perhaps you’ll concur, or maybe you’ll vehemently disagree, but here are Laptop Mag’s most anticlimactic tech products and games for 2021.

Halo Infinite 


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