Women empowerment to ensure the economic progress of the country, says President D. Alvi



KARACHI: President Dr Arif Alvi says empowerment of women will help ensure economic development of the country.
Addressing members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karachi on Wednesday, he said the government has always consulted various stakeholders before launching development projects in construction industry.
The President has emphasized the need for comprehensive plan for sustainable business development and growth in Karachi. The metropolitan city requires improvement in basic infrastructure as it is the largest contributor in terms of revenue and taxes, he said.
Speaking about recently inaugurated Green Line project by the Federal government, the President said that this project would provide comfortable and time saving journey to the people of this city.
Referring to the water scarcity in the city, the President said that the K4 project aimed at augmenting the city’s daily water need would hopefully be completed by 2023. Furthermore, Dr Alvi added that desalination of water in Karachi was the ultimate solution for water scarcity in the city.
Highlighting the initiative taken by the current government, the President said that it was one of government’s prime objectives to provide skill-based training to the youth across the country to enhance employability and entrepreneurship.
The government has introduced financial and loan facilities for the women and persons with disabilities to ensure inclusive growth, he said. Facilitating the construction sector would also bring a lot of employment opportunities along with the development of the industry, he added.
The President urged the business community to invest in IT sector to reap the benefits of the fourth Industrial Revolution. President also termed TAPI gas pipeline project crucial for meeting the increasing demand of gas in Pakistan.
Earlier, Zubair Motiwala former President KCCI thanked the President for extending his full support to the business community. – NNI


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