The most effective AMD Ryzen laptops in 2022



The best AMD Ryzen laptops are among the best laptops on the market, bar none. The Ryzen 5000-series picked up right where the Ryzen-4000 started in 2020 and kept the momentum rolling with a combination of price, performance, and battery life that is hard to beat. While AMD unveiled the promising Ryzen 6000-series CPUs at CES 2022, we’ll need to get these laptops in before we weigh in on them.

Intel earned a bit of a reprieve with the 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs and the company’s 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs show promise, but AMD’s multi-year advantage on 7-nanometer chips will continue to make things difficult for Intel. With some high-end gaming laptops with up to RTX 3080 GPUs now sporting AMD processors as well, regardless of which category of laptop you are looking for there is an AMD Ryzen laptop that will have you covered.


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