Canon goes all-in on VR at CES 2022 with Kokomo platform and a brand new VR lens



Canon came out the gate swinging with two new collaborative platforms known as Amlos and Kokomo. The team at Canon graciously took me on a virtual visit to their booth at CES 2022 to show off Amlos, Kokomo, and the companies new 3D VR camera Lens and color me impressed. 

Canon’s team of engineers have come up with some exciting ideas and solutions for our new reality since the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted life as we knew it. Canon chose not to sit back and whine like an uncle during Thanksgiving about what used to be, they said, “let’s create some tech that will reunite uncle whinny pants with his drinking buddies,” and that is what Kokomo will allow you to do while using Canon’s VR headset or a compatible headset like the Oculus Quest.


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