Best ThinkPad in 2022: Which Lenovo business laptop is best?



The best ThinkPads attract many business users and corporate IT departments thanks to their strong build quality, industry-leading keyboards, hyper accurate pointing sticks and simple black aesthetic. The ThinkPad line has a number of mainstays that Lenovo fans won’t do without, which is why the best ThinkPads are considered the best laptops around.

Even if you’ve already got your heart and your budget committed to a ThinkPad, you’ve got a lot of choices. Lenovo currently sells over a dozen ThinkPad models across several different lines. The laptops all have the same basic aesthetic, but vary greatly when it comes to size, price, screen quality, performance and battery life. Some even have snappier keyboards than others. There are options for the average business user, artists who need a professional tablet or even users who need a beast of a workstation. Looking for something on the creative front? — Check out our Asus ProArt Studiobook 16 review. Also, see our recent Apple MacBook Pro 2021 (14-inch) review. If you’re looking for something portable and affordable, check out our HP Chromebook x2 11 review.


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