If you are a startup or enterprise that has chosen Ruby on Rails (RoR) for your web application. Then you must know that you have made the right choice because currently there are 3.9 million websites on Rails. After making a choice we are pretty sure that you must be looking to hire the RoR developers. Then you are lucky because you have landed on the right page. Because here we are going to tell you all about how to hire ruby on rails developers.

You might be wondering why Ruby on Rails has certainly become so popular. This popularity is due to the benefits it can bring to your business.

What are the benefits of Ruby on Rails?

The advantages of Ruby on Rails are given below:

  • It is time-efficient, with many modules and plugins developers can skip writing the repetitive codes.
  • Very Cost-effective because it is an open-source framework distributed under an MIT license.
  • It is extremely secure because of many security features inculcated in the framework by default.
  • There is a facility of bug-free development with testing tools for instance Minitest, which comes with a built-in framework.
  • There is continuous support via a strong community because the widespread adoption by the major tech companies has resulted in the generation of countless ruby on rails codes.
  • The standardized programming conventions lead to a well-structured project.

Despite all this, hiring the right developer for your application is of utmost importance. So let’s first start with how to find the right developer.

Consider this or not but the first step is to recognize and identify your goals. We have jotted down the 3 most significant and common goals for you.

  • Web Application and App maintenance
  • Upgrade version of Rails
  • Web app data migration

On the basis of these 3 goals, you can hire  Ruby on Rails programmers, the developer or programmer can be an in-house developer or a freelancer.

You might be thinking about what you should look for when you hire a developer. Well, we have listed down the things you should prefer when you hire a  developer. So among the things, the first you should look for is

1.Technical Expertise:

Before hiring make sure that the developer possesses all the technical skills and abilities regarding the programming. In standard libraries the expertise is essential. With the core knowledge of technology, developers must have the know-how for project management tools.  The developer also must have the latest knowledge of waterfall and agile methodologies as well.

2. Experience:

Experienced Ruby on rails developer knows ins and outs on rail applications. Junior developers are also good to hire yet they require training. But with experience, you can count on developers for migration, development capabilities, and version upgrades.  The most suitable amount of experience is 4 to 5 years.

3. Ownership Qualities & Soft Skills:

The Ruby developers should have ownership skills and confidence. This especially means that they can work under extreme pressure and or deadlines. The soft skills include communication, time management, and most importantly understanding brief which ensures that the developer can navigate through every task and complete them.

How much does it cost to hire Ruby on Rail developers?

Here are the hourly rates for some regions. But the rates can vary depending on the type of work you require for the Basic Back-End charges will be less as compared to the Intermediate and advanced back-end.

Region                         Hourly Rate (USD$)

U.K                                $32.11

Australia                         $29.94

USA                               $33.97

Eastern Europe              $30

India                             $25-50

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid  When You Hire ror Developers:

If you ought to hire ruby on rail developers or hire ruby on rail programmers then you’ll have to bring them through the process of hiring. Making mistakes in this process can be costly. Here are the 6 things you should avoid.

NO.1#.Avoiding to Pre-Screen Your Candidates:

Most people or companies avoid pre-screening their candidates. It is important to pre-screen them. You can hop on 15 minutes phone calls to analyze their abilities and capabilities. Always assess them in regards to your needs.

NO.2 #  Never Provide Incomplete Job Description:

Always provide a complete job description with predefined responsibilities and roles. This will give you a qualified list of candidates.  For instance, if you need to hire a Ruby on Rail developer with advanced back-end capabilities then make this clear in your description.

NO. #3 Unprepared Interview:

Poorly managed interviews with a lack of authority can discourage the candidates from joining your team. Prepare the questions in advance. Make sure to ask each candidate the same question.

NO.#4  Ask about Technicalities:

Make sure to ask challenging technical questions but try to assess candidates in a valid and healthy way and don’t frustrate them with the technical challenges.

Tip: Test junior Ruby on Rail developers differently from seniors.

NO.#5:  Don’t Hire on the basis of Resume:

Never hire anyone on the basis of their resume alone. Consider additional steps like the pre-interview process like screening calls or technical tests to understand the candidate’s abilities.

Take Away:

To hire software developers you must follow the hiring process. Because wrong hiring cannot only waste your time but can destroy the end product on which your reputation or business depends upon.