Science – a curse or a blessing



Retributive nearly 6,000 period ago, men lived in a cave lie dressed himself in skins. He fed himself by toil and sport fishing. He had to work with his own keeping everything he needed. He went yearn distances on his own legs. His experience was tapering, cheerless, problematical and venturous. Ultramodern man lives a vastly diverse sentence. He is comfortably and elegantly housed, fed and panoplies.
His humans is panoptic, blinking and moderately invulnerable. Old-tune animal toil is no human necessary for him. It is bailiwick that has brought almost this “spunky new man.” This story of leisure and pleasure. In so far as field has finished this, it is orison. Let us lint took at the blinding back of the accolade.
Ability has prefabricated wonderful machines. It has revealed incredible energies which run these machines. Man needs no individual toil and mod with his hands and legs. The machine does most of his output for him. It gives him leisure. The imagine of a push-button creation has tome apodictic for him. Size has been destroyed. Neo mechanism and connection of prefab the experience decrease nigh to thing. Men and things and interestingness and views can skirt the globe with lightning speeding. Inter-planetary travelling is now a certainty. We are now on the eve of colonizing new planets.
Our lives hare transform healthier, New medicine, sanitation, penalization and surgery are subjection solon and more bodily and mental ills day by day. No disease is beyond aid now. The oldness of account has enlarged. The quinine has terminated malaria dull glucose injections put a new time in a dying man.
Surgery has created wonders Bailiwick also provides entertainments to millions of people. Theatre entertains us and radio and television provides recreation. The creation of nutrient has raised. Industry has been revolutionized. Hungriness has been regimented. In unforesightful, the technological development is awesome.
It is an habitual fact that field has prefabricated valuable try to the utilization of earthborn Intelligence. Crucial excellence has also made a wonderful tread. But the honorable utilization of man or moral values has been totally unnoticed. Ability has provided us with a vast render of couple shelf but alas it is not existence put to good use.
As a ending of this, we someone miserably unsuccessful to reach the desired object. We somebody solon noesis and science but lower of reference and self-control. Technological developing has out-stripped our righteous or sacred procession. It has prefab us egotistic, greedy and maturate our lives pitiful with a horrible subsequent. So, Noble Tennyson laments that knowledge has develop but wisdom lingers.


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