Fake Nintendo website offers sham Switch consoles at ‘significantly discounted price’



It’s rare to see Nintendo offer a price cut on its popular Nintendo Switch. In fact, customers that see “significantly discounted” consoles on what appears to be the company’s official website are likely to be looking at a scam.

Nintendo has issued a warning about a fake site impersonating the company’s official homepage, with false discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles to lure customers into providing their personal and financial information. In order to make the website look official, scammers illegally used Nintendo’s official logo. 

Spotted by CyberNews, the warning states that those who buy products on fake sights are at risk of having their payment stolen, along with important information that can be used to steal money from their bank account or be sold on the dark web.

“Purchasing products on fake sites may result in fraudulent damage such as the unauthorized acquisition of personal information,” Nintendo states. The company also showed a link to its official website for people to not be duped by the scam: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/.

Nintendo did not state if there were any victims of the scam, along with the potential information that was stolen by the threat actors. However, the scammers have clearly taken advantage of console shortages due to the ongoing chip crisis, with the significant discount being the cherry on top.

Let it be known that Nintendo only lowered the price of the original model in the UK and across Europe just before the OLED model was released, so if you find a discount on a Nintendo Switch that’s too good to be true, chances are, it is. If you are looking for trustworthy cheap Nintendo Switch deals, we’ve got you covered. 


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