Meta Quest update brings Apple support, hand-tracking feature and more



Meta is rolling out a new update for Quest owners, allowing users to type away on Apple’s Magic Keyboard while in VR, link share between the Oculus app and headset, and pinch to access a quick menu.

The Meta Quest v37 update continues the company’s progress of adding new devices to be used while wearing its head-mounted displays such as the popular Oculus Quest 2. Those who own the Apple Magic Keyboard will be able to track the position of the keyboard and see it while in VR. 

Quest users will also be getting a slight update to the previously released hand-tracking feature, which allows owners to ditch the VR controllers and use their hands  instead (although, the Quest’s controllers still have far better tracking). 

Users were already able to pinch their index and thumb together to mimic pressing the Oculus button, but now it brings up a Quick Action Menu to switch apps, take screenshots and more — in a pinch!

(Image credit: Meta)

Alongside these features, Android devices can seamlessly share links from their smartphone to headset via the Oculus Mobile App. From there, it will automatically open in Browser when users put their headset on.

The v37 update is also introducing two new modes in the Quest’s home space, including “Tablet” and “Desktop” modes. Tablet mode displays 2D panels in a single, close-up window, while Desktop mode is similar to the standard home space, although it’s larger, further away, repositionable, and “ripe for multitasking” if the Multitasking feature is enabled.

All of these can be accessed through the Experimental Features section of the Settings panel. While this may not be a major update, it certainly adds to the Quest’s forever-growing list of capabilities. What we’re all waiting for is GTA: San Andreas is coming to Oculus, but in the meantime, check out how to buy real estate in the metaverse.


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