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Today Pakistan is facing severe political and economic crisis and turbulence due to the incompetency, inefficiency and venality of incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government whose performance has proved to be totally Nil during his last four years tenure. The grim security picture, along with turbulent civilian rule, internal chaos and unrest due to the unprecedented sky-rocket inflation, increasing poverty, law & order situation, poor governance, abuse of absolute power, undeniable realities of corruption, failures on foreign policy front, depreciation of Pakistani Rupee, heavy foreign debt, political polarization, BRT scandal, foreign funding case, BroadSheet scandal, Pandora leaks and economic woes & turmoil has created deep fractures in Imran Khan’s government to manage and run country’s affairs despite enjoying the support of all the institutes of the country beside Military establishment. PM Imran Khan is becoming a security threat for Pakistan’s integrity the way he is mortgaging all country’s assets like Motorways, national parks, and airports including State Bank of Pakistan to IMF. Niazi Khan is becoming a liability as all crises are ballooning into major challenges for the survival and integrity of Pakistan. PM Imran Khan Government has not only put the country into the worst financial crisis but also damaged all public institutions and organization owing to his inefficiency rendering millions of people jobless in the country. The PTI Imran Khan’s government is the worst and most incompetent of world’s history. The situation is quite worrisome not only for the common people of the country but for the people at the helm of affairs who are perturbed and uncertain as to what is going to happen next. The PM Imran Khan government has totally ruined the fabric and spirit of civilian supremacy and democratic norms bringing the entire system on the verge of collapse.
There is severe resentment and disappointment among the masses over the failure of democracy, civilian governments and political parties as the entire system is entangled in confusion due to a political madhouse that has created a mess in every faction of the society leading to uncertainty and disorder. Pakistan lurches from crisis to crisis due to the dual personality of PM Imran Khan. Country seems totally to be left at the mere whims of incompetent civilian government of PM Imran Khan and his inefficient & corrupted cabinet of PTI Ministers as there is absence of any checks and balances without any interference and involvement by Military side. The jailing of opponents via NAB fabricated cases and a clampdown on the media to attain a commanding position has made this government a disgusting entity and reality to digest.
The Pakistan Military establishment played a very sensible role by not getting involved at all into any kind of nefarious political games as PM Imran Khan and PTI was the only last ray of hope left for Pakistan’s masses to witness the process of change and system of democratic norms to prevail into complicated political infrastructure of the country. Pakistan Army under COAS QamarJavedBajwa has eliminated any chance of internal dissension to cause any sort of instability. Incompetent political rulers, leadership and politicians though always endowed such opportunities and privilege to Army to interfere. People of Pakistan have totally become frustrated, disappointed and desperate with the current situation which does not augur well due to the poorest performance of PM Imran Khan’s government despite his tall manifesto claims. PM Imran Khan has miserably ruined the economy of the country. The current opposition of Pakistan is also worst, incapable and clueless betraying people of Pakistan by not taking any firm action to dislodge present incompetent government of Imran Khan hence granting NRO to government through secret compromising deals.
A serious economic crisis exacerbated by PM Imran Khan’s inefficient and corrupt cabinet team who sought external assistance, including from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) an institution he had criticized throughout his political career as a hegemon and suicidal but the government had accepted IMF loans shamelessly on most stringent terms. From 2018-21, Pakistan’s economic growth rate has dropped into negative territory at -0.4 percent GDP. So far over the completion of three years tenure of PTI Imran Khan, the government’s performance is totally devastating the failure of its economic, political, internal as well as foreign policies a big national tragedy. The devaluation of the rupee to a record low and the rise in the prices of electricity, gas, and fuels despite fall in POL prices in the world markets had angered the masses. Flood of taxes has led to the closure of textile, leather, sports and several other industries and the business community and investors are highly frustrated. Masses have gradually realized that the PTI government has also failed to solve their problems like the previous political governments and that the solution of all their problems lay in the enforcement of Military rule or national government for next 20 years like in the General Musharraf era. The murky politics and naked power struggle among political parties to get it at any cost always proves to be a grievous blow to their prestige. Army under such a situation is bound to intervene to respond to the demands of the people of Pakistan who consider the institution as the only guarantee of the survival of their hopes and expectations. Pakistan Army finds it quite distasteful to turn into an instrument for securing political power but it has left with no other choice to be a coercive force to bring back things to track and normalcy under highest national interests. The vicious campaign was run against the army by political leadership and civilian rulers to consolidate their power by discrediting and defaming the Army. The same campaign is being practiced by PM Imran Khan out of fear who is threatening the incumbent establishment in a very aggressive tone to prevent themselves from removing him as afterwards “he will be more dreadful for them to let the system of the country function smoothly”. PM Imran Khan like all of his political successors is maligning the Army’s image. Despite three years in power, the PTI has not yet been able to deliver anything in any sphere. PM Imran Khan miserably failed the transition from a purely oppositional style of politics to the coalition building required by governance. And it still has not developed any institutional capability to make rational decisions on both domestic and foreign policy levels. Under such circumstances of democratic deficit and economic hardship, all Pakistanis are very much annoyed. They yearn now for a military setup more democratic & liberal and inclusive like Musharraf than the current failed political system. The military establishment displaying constraint to prove that it stands above partisan politics though the incumbent PTI government’s performance up to this point in its tenure is worse than that of the previous governments as it has miserably failed to live up to its promises of introducing systematic reforms to improve the country’s political system and make it more autonomous and professional. Pakistan has even tested Imran Khan’s reformist ideals and all their hopes are dashed to the grounds. People are desperately looking towards the army as the present system is unable to provide relief to the common man. The International Transparency Report is also a major blow to PM Imran Khan’s PTI corruption and accountability narrative according to which Pakistan has broken the corruption records of the last 20 years during Khan’s regime and the country is placed on the 5th rank of the corrupted most countries. The stockpile of corruption cases and scandals during PM Imran Khan government, utterly shocked even his party followers as his so-called narrative on accountability, austerity, honesty and corruption-free society is badly shattered. The think tanks, academicians, media and even a common man now have begun discussing the alternative viable system against Imran Khan’s government on the format of General Pervaiz Musharraf “rule”. Even a lay man along with the media suggest different options for the substitute of the present regime and one of these is a “no-confidence vote” against the Prime Minister in coming weeks. The country is in grave danger and the government has fallen under its own weight. The incompetency and misgovernance of PTI regime is rapidly pushing the country either towards imposition of emergency rule or formation of national government to be based on serving and retired Military officials, technocrats, and bureaucrats, academicians & Media persons. General Musharraf well delivered the promises he committed with his seven-point agenda, thus nation desperately craving to strengthen institutions, establish rule of law, bring structural reforms in the economy, cleanse the country of corruption and devolve power to the grassroots level replacing the incumbent incompetent regime on immediate basis which is starkly contrary to Khan’s political rhetoric of “new Pakistan with slogan of Change” which has badly irked Pakistanis and they want to get rid of the present turmoil, ruckus and menace caused by Imran Khan alone for the predicament the country is stuck in, the crisis country has never encountered before. The narrative he sold and brand he carried has diminished and now only the Army is the savior and masses are only looking towards the institute as a last resort for the country’s stability and integrity.


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