How to Choose the Best Walkie-Talkie for Skiing?


A walkie-talkie can be a fun and helpful piece of equipment to own when skiing. Whether you’re skiing with your family or just a group of friends, it’s nice to be able to communicate with them while out on the slopes.


However, finding the best walkie-talkies for skiing is much easier said than done. These radio devices come in all shapes and sizes, making finding the perfect one for your needs a challenge. This guide breaks down all of the information and details you need to know how to find a Useful Walkie Talkie for Skiing.



As with any piece of technology, the range is perhaps the most critical factor for its usefulness. After all, what good is a walkie talkie if you can never use it? Fortunately, most ski-specific models have reception ranges of at least 1 mile, which should be plenty for almost any skier.


If you’re looking for even more range than that, specific models come with up to 2 miles of range. Although these are “truckers’ walkies,” they should still be more than enough for your needs while skiing.


Battery Life

Since you’ll likely be using them outdoors, the batteries in your ski-specific walkie-talkies must last long enough to complete a day of skiing.


Fortunately, most models can last anywhere from 5 to 12 hours, which should be more than enough time for you to go on one or two ski runs.


Of course, if your walkie-talkies are constantly running out of juice while you’re skiing (or don’t last long enough for you to go on runs), it’s probably time to replace them.


Comfortable Design

Most walkie talkies will be designed specifically for skiing use, meaning they should fit comfortably in your hands and be easy enough to hold.


More importantly, these devices should ideally be lightweight. In other words, you may not want to purchase a bulky walkie talkie that weighs more than 3 or 4 ounces if you plan on skiing with it all day long.


It would probably be better to find one-half the size and weight of most “truckers” models.



As mentioned above, the size of your walkie talkies will often play a role in how much they weigh. However, this also affects how big the buttons are and the device’s design in general.


Since you’ll be using these while skiing, try to find ones that have larger buttons or dials. They should also have easy-to-see and read screens while you’re wearing your ski goggles.


Besides the size of the buttons, it’s also a good idea for walkie-talkies to have thick metal antennas. Otherwise, these devices could break – and you wouldn’t want to deal with that.



Last but not least, you’ll need to consider the price of your walkie-talkies before purchasing them. These devices mustn’t cost a ton of money, especially considering how often you use them while skiing (you may even use them more than your smartphone).


If you’re looking for useful walkie talkies for skiing, they should cost around $100 to $200. If the walkie-talkies have multiple features ideal for skiing (such as waterproofing), this price is reasonable.


Wrapping Up

Although you could easily use your smartphone to do this, a walkie talkie is more reliable – and it won’t run out of batteries quickly, which makes them a useful device to have while you’re out skiing.