I tested Meta and Microsoft’s metaverse apps — which one is closest to ‘Ready Player One’?



Imagine if you could wake up every morning and meditate inside an isolated Tibetan temple in the middle of a foggy, dewy jungle. Once you’ve got your mind right, you can teleport into an art gallery where you can share your interpretations of each masterpiece with real-life strangers behind virtual reality (VR) avatars, eliciting gasps of “Wow, I didn’t think of that!”

Next, you drop yourself into a simulated ice skating party where you can show off your triple-axel jumps while amateur singers take the center stage. Finally, you end the night at a packed virtual discotheque where you elicit laughs from clubgoers as you show off your best dance moves to Ginuwine’s “Pony.” You promise to take this embarrassing VR moment to the grave, yank off your headset and plop yourself into bed.


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