Things You Need to Know About FootGolf


There are way more sports in the world than you can imagine. You might be indulging in some of the common sports, but you would be able to name a maximum of fifty to a hundred sports. But, there are more than eight hundred sports played around the world if asked.

Among all the other niche sports, FootGolf is recently picking up traction. As the name suggests, it is a sport that involves football or soccer and the rules of golf, and the sport is also played on a golf course.

The sport originated in the Netherlands, and it became an officially recognized sport in the US back in 2011. According to some sources, the first-ever tournament was played by MichealJansen and Bas Korsten in 2008, who are also the sport’s creators.

But what are the rules of footgolf? Read on to know.

Rules of the game

You might be thinking that the rules get complicated when you combine two games, but the game follows the same rules of golf. However, the rule is made much simpler, and it has some differences.

You have to shoot the ball toward the putt in a single movement. A player can only make one contact with the ball, and it has to be only one movement.
As per the rules, you only strike or kick the ball. If a player pushes the ball or strikes it with their sole, it will be considered a foul shot.
Only four players can be in a group.
The teams have to finish the course with the least shots to win the game.
Players who are the most further from the pin are supposed to take the next shot.
If the ball gets stuck in sand or anything, the players can nottake a run-up to strike the ball or free the ball from the obstacles.
If there are any water hazards on the course and the ball ends up in one, you can place the ball within two meters of the area where it went into the hazard. You can not place it near the pin or the starting point.
Besides these basic rules, many courses have some of their own rules that the players must abide by.

The equipment

Unlike soccer which you can play in any weather, you should choose sunny and good weather for the sport. When it comes to clothing, you can wear what you would wear to a soccer game without studded shoes.

The shoes in the sport are supposed to be trainers as football studs are not allowed on the course. Besides, trainers, even turf stud shoes are acceptable since they have smaller studs. Turf shoes are highly recommended for the sport as they would allow you ample grip on the course while you are kicking the ball.

Besides the shoes, you also need a ball to play the sport. You can choose the same ball for the sport as you do for soccer. However, players often prefer to inflate the ball with less pressure for better accuracy because an overinflated ball bounces a lot.

So, these are some things that you might not have known aboutthis game.