Electric Ranges – The foundation of your Happy Kitchen!


Food is the symbol of love when words start failing, and for that reason, the kitchen should be kept happy and equipped with the best appliances because it lets you cook and serve delicious meals. You need to select the best electric range that is a trend if you seek one. These ranges are good-looking for adding supremacy to your kitchen and increasing its value.

Compared to the gas ranges, electric ranges are super easy for cooking food and also, it doesn’t trouble you much while cleaning. Most of them come with both oven and induction cooktops. Whether you are planning to buy an electric range for home…


You are plotting to open up a new restaurant or a bakery; this will be the best choice that you’ll make today.

Discover your inner chef and explore the variety of cuisines while being at home!

Lastman’s Bad Boy offers a vast collection of electric ranges, superb in quality, designs, size, feature and colours. That can give a royal and a complementary look to the place where you set it.

And, you know what is more thrilling?

If you choose a model with oven features, You can bake anytime & anywhere! Place your mix and set the timer; Your cookies, cakes and muffins come out with a tempting smell. You cannot resist yourself then, neither do I. Hahahha

They exhibit the following options:

Stunning designs The range is designed with elegance and style that most of you will prefer to buy. These ranges have a stainless steel finish that gives it a refined look and a perfect match that won’t look odd anyways. The professional styling, like stainless steel metal knobs, brass grate feet, makes it the best buy.

Subtle colour choices Be it a contemporary, traditional, modern, open or any themed kitchen, these ranges do not lack behind anywhere, making them more attractive. The colour options are basic yet graceful, like black, beige, white, slate, stainless steel, black stainless etc.

The combination of neutral shades and polished appearance is going to melt your pockets.

Different styles The electric ranges come in four different types, all of which are available. The industry uses the basic freestanding range because they have an extremely easy installation process. We offer freestanding, slide-in, drop-in and professional ranges. You are free to pick any one of your choice that meets your budget and preferences.

Additional features Besides all the above features, it does not end here. You get other qualities like auto shut-off burners, built-in wifi connection abilities, burner indicator badge, double oven, self-cleaning, etc. Depending on the model you go for, each has varied features.

Whether you decide to have a six-course meal or a pot full of mac and cheese, you’re going to need this electric range that leads you to cook in excellent ways and serve the taste of joy!

Understanding your list of needs, we’ve narrowed down your options for clutter-free decision-making. Shop today and avail of the exclusive deals!