Top 5 Intercontinental Wrestling Belts of All Time


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In the last few years, the intercontinental belt has lost its significance and is moved around in a whimper with no regard to its historical significance. It was once a significant belt and was the first step in the realm of the solo game for famous players, including Bret Hart, Shawn Michal’s, Randy Savage, and Steve Austin. Who was, however, the greatest well-known Intercontinental champion in history? This isn’t about their abilities or the things they accomplished throughout their careers and beyond, but rather their participation in the international. Chris Jericho made a great impression when he debuted in the WWE by presenting a brilliant segment featuring the Rock. Still, instead of building upon this to build Chris Jericho into a significant player, they decided that he should showcase his true self first.

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Jericho did this in numerous spectacular matches for the intercontinental title, especially with co-stars of WWE rookies Chris Benoit. Watching these matches reminds me of how much Jericho’s Intercontinental title has been slipping away. Jericho held the record for titleholders six times. One of his alliances was with Chyna because they were believed to have been pinned simultaneously. One wrestler listed on the list did not make it to the top levels of the WWE. However, he is expected to fight in some thrilling matches to win an Intercontinental Championship. Valentine was involved in one of the most intensely violent rivalries that have ever happened during Intercontinental championship history. The fight was between Valentine and Tito Santana. Valentine was given this belt in the name of Custom Championship Belts.

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However, Santana made the same decision a couple of months later in the Steel Cage match that any fan of the sport must try to witness, to settle the dispute and grant Valentine his first Intercontinental title. Jeff Jarrett may have held the world championships during his time with TNA and WCW; However, in WWE, his most significant memories are of his reign as the Intercontinental. In the role of Jericho, the titleholder, he held it at least six times. At the time, the title was given away following a dispute regarding the outcome of his bout against Bob Holly; he won the rematch, and Jarrett was awarded the title.

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Jarrett is the sole male WWE title owner who lost the title to a female. Chyna was the final title owner to end his sixth title. Razor Ramon had several memorable matches for the title of intercontinental champion alongside Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Gold dust, and Jeff Jarrett. Two ladder fights he took on together with Michaels over the title are etched in the history books as wrestling legends. Ramon was a four-time Intercontinental champion while in the WWE. Ramon (Scott Hall) did not realize his potential to become an event star, and, regardless of his involvement with NWO, NWO, in the form of Scott Hall fans, will never forget his appearance as Scott Hall.