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In the past few years, the intercontinental belt has diminished in significance and is moving around rapidly without regard to its importance in the past. Once a vital belt, it was the first step into the single game for some famous players such as Bret Hart and Shawn Michal, Randy Savage, and Steve Austin. Who, however, was the most known Intercontinental champion of all time? It’s not about their skills or achievements throughout their professional careers; it’s their involvement in the world. Chris Jericho made a great impression when he made his debut in the WWE with a significant segment with the Rock. However, rather than using this as a basis to develop Chris Jericho into a powerful wrestler, they decided Chris Jericho should show his authentic himself first.

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Jericho performed this feat in many excellent matches for the Intercontinental title, including with co-star WWE debutants Chris Benoit. These matches make me think of how fast Jericho’s Intercontinental title has been sliding away. Jericho holds the record of titleholders six times. He was a part of a partnership with Chyna since they were supposed to be pinched together. One wrestler on the list didn’t reach the highest ranks of WWE. He is nevertheless scheduled to take part in exciting matches to win one of the Intercontinental Championships. Valentine participated in one of the biggest and most violent rivalries in Intercontinental champion history. The battle occurred between Valentine with Tito Santana. Valentine was awarded this belt under the name Tito Santana.

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But Santana made the same decision just a few months later during the Steel Cage match that any sports fan should attempt to watch to settle the issue and grant Valentine the very debut Intercontinental title. Jeff Jarrett may have held the world championship during his time at TNA and WCW But, with WWE, the most memorable memories revolve around his time in the role of Intercontinental. As Jericho was the titleholder, the title was held at minimum six times. In the early days, the title was rescinded following a disagreement over what happened in his fight with Bob Holly; he won the war, and Jarrett was given the title.

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Jarrett is the only male WWE title owner to lose the title to a female, and Chyna was the last title owner to lose his six titles. Razor Ramon fought in several memorable matches to claim the title of Intercontinental Champion along with Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Gold dust, and Jeff Jarrett. Two ladder fights he fought along with Michaels to claim the title have been etched into the history books as legends of wrestling. Ramon was an all-time Intercontinental champion with the WWE. Ramon (Scott Hall) didn’t realize the potential of becoming an event star; whatever his association as a member of NWO, NWO, in the form of Scott Hall fans, will never forget Scott Hall’s appearance.