A complete guide to Webinar in 2022


Webinars are the prime tool for small and large enterprises & are one of the most popular virtual event platforms as per the audience’s choice.

While webinar platforms are being used by marketers as a demand generation tool, their use is far more than just generating leads. They are also being used as educational tools for teaching students, conducting training sessions, and much more.

In this blog, we will be discussing webinars and the different types of platforms on which they are hosted. We will also be guiding you to choose your perfect webinar platform along with listing some of the popular webinar platforms of 2022.

What is a Webinar- All you need to know in 2022

Basically, a webinar is a mix of web & seminar which makes it a virtual event that is hosted online. There are many ways to share information in webinar sessions in the form of – presentations, handouts, audio & visuals, etc.

Webinars can be hosted in many ways. These can be hosted by a single speaker or more than one keynote speaker. The webinar services thus facilitate its attendees to learn & interact with their favourite speakers in a very convenient & cost-effective way.

With the beginning of the virtual era, these platforms had emerged to be the advanced pillars in the technology sector with higher interaction facilities & better engagement with the audience.

How to choose your Webinar Platform?

For choosing your desired platform, there are a few points that should be considered for selecting the best result for your event –

Using the Strategy of the Webinar Platform

  • It is very important to know the use of your online webinar platform. whether it will be used for hosting educational sessions, marketing purposes, product demonstrations, or something else.

  • Some other queries related to – the no. of webinars willing to host in a particular year, the expected number of audiences for your events, the annual budget, etc. should be cleared before choosing any platform to filter out your research.

Deciding the Goals of your Webinar Session

  • You need to prioritize the goals which you want to achieve with the session. On deciding the goals, now you need to establish a link between the webinar online features & objectives.

  • For example, if your goal is to generate leads then features that will be required from the interactive webinar platform are – no plugins required, testing with mobile experience, ability to host sessions on your website.

Deciding the type of Package Needed for Your Session

  • When you are on this step, you will see basically two types of webinar platforms – free webinar platforms & standard webinar platforms.

  • Now, if you want your event to be feature-rich then you have to shift to the best webinar platform which will be a little on the costlier side.

  • If your aim is just to reach to maximum audience worldwide then you can switch to platforms like – zoom meetings etc.

Top 5 Features of a Webinar

Webinars are feature-loaded sessions that are extremely helpful & very important for gaining knowledge & increasing engagement with the audience. Here are some of the most popular features of the webinar –

  • Webinars deliver real-time feedback & audio or video communication facilities to their hosts & audiences.

  • It is loaded with exciting features such as – polls, MCQ, quizzes & live interaction.

  • With the help of webinars, and event live streaming services, sharing & downloading of the content has gone far easy with the option of watching them afterwards.

  • These events can also be shared by the attendees on their respective social media accounts to gain maximum reach during the live event.

  • Webinars are flexible virtual event platforms that can be watched live or can be viewed later on as per the time schedule.

How to Host Effective Webinar Session

For hosting effective webinar sessions, there are some checkpoints that should be followed in order to prevent any type of error during the session. Below are the points to be remembered –

  • It starts with choosing the topic which is in demand or you have some expertise in the related field.

  • With the help of a live webinar platform, you can easily choose your preferred date & time for the event to take place. It is recommended to book a slot & choose the day which is mostly used by businesses for maximum audience reach.

  • Registration or landing pages are very important for the creation of the first impression in front of your audience just before the event. With this, you can get their personal details for further follow-up with them.

  • Choosing an appealing slide show presentation and customizing it with the help of an online webinar platform thus tends to engage the audience for long hours.

  • Interacting with the audience during the ongoing session is very important for their active participation in the event.

  • Webinars should be held on a regular basis for the audience to engage in your sessions every time they wish to be a part of it.

  • Collection of feedback & valuable insights is very crucial for the success & improvements required for hosting your perfect session. This can be easily done with the help of some best webinar platforms.

Some Popular Webinar Platforms in 2022


Dreamcast is one of the popular webinar platforms in India which is well known for its versatile virtual events like – hybrid tradeshows, on-demand webinars, town hall meetings, and much more. With trusted by more than 1000 brands, Dreamcast offers unlimited streaming with additional elements like – clap sound, multi-device support, emoticons, etc.


It is a tool that is made to adapt its features as per the requirements of the audience. It has customized templates that can be used for better interaction with your viewers.

This on-demand webinar service focuses on gating the landing page option for revenue generation during the registration process. This is an excellent option for hosting your online conference.

Summing Up

The webinar is the most affordable pocket-friendly option one has to increase brand credibility along with increasing the audience reach.

It ultimately depends on the type of requirement, targeted audience, and your budget & feature needs that decides which type of live webinar software will be best for your hosting session.