Guide to Study in Canada for Indian Students

Guide to Study in Canada for Indian Students
Guide to Study in Canada for Indian Students

Why Study in Canada?

The economy of Canada is robust and stable, and there are many job opportunities for skilled employees. The Canadian government spends millions of dollars annually to assist these immigrants in adjusting to life in the country and to make sure that all immigrants may take advantage of the high standard of living. Canadians place a high value on education and have created a top-notch system with rigorous requirements. The nation is second highest among G-8 nations in terms of education spending as a proportion of GDP, spending more than the OECD average.

Study in Canada

On international reading, science, and math tests, Canadian teenagers consistently place among the top students worldwide, which is a testimonial to the excellent standard of education system for study in Canada. Around the world, corporate, political, and academic circles hold Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certificates in high respect.

IELTS Training for Study in Canada

You may find it simpler to get your Canada visa and admittance to the best college if you use IELTS to study there. IELTS may also be useful to you academically. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for the IELTS. Therefore, I must encourage you to enroll in IELTS coaching right now and to avoid spending your time on at-home IELTS preparation. Due to the low cost of IELTS classes these days, you won’t need to spend as much on coaching. The best IELTS coaching in Noida, like that offered by Meridean Overseas Education Consultants, can help you find your way.

Best Cities for Study in Canada

According to study in Canada consultants, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, three of Canada’s largest cities, have also been praised for being top-notch places to live and work due to its cleanliness, safety, and plenty of cultural opportunities and appealing lifestyles. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, three of Canada’s largest cities, have also been praised for being top-notch places to live and work due to its cleanliness, safety, and plenty of cultural opportunities and appealing lifestyles.

Education in Canada

The educational institutions in Canada welcome new international students, and many have goals to expand the number of these students. The time you spend studying in Canada will be an experience you will never forget, that much is certain. One of the best education systems in the world is that of Canada. Among other English-speaking nations, Canada has the lowest tuition costs. Here are a few justifications for choosing to study in Canada. The importance of Canadian education is recognized worldwide. The educational system is also reasonably priced.

Work While Study in Canada

International students can work while they are studying in Canada. During the course, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, and during breaks, they are allowed to work full-time. Many colleges and universities offer students Co-op/internship programmes so they can work at institutions of higher learning that are related to their studies. Working off campus, participating in co-ops or internships, and finding employment on campus are all options for overseas students in Canada.

Counseling & Registration Session

Individualized guidance from our experts regarding study destinations, courses offered, and suggested schools. To begin the visa application procedure, register with

Apply For Admission

This step is quite important. In accordance with your choice course, we will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork for the desired institution or university. As part of this process, we will also give you a checklist so you can see what papers you might need for the next steps in getting your student visa.

Offer Letter

You will receive an offer letter from the university or college, which serves as acceptance proof.

College Fees Payment & GIC Application

You must first pay your tuition before we can apply for your GIC account number. The embassy’s required GIC requirement states that you must deposit your living expenditures in a Nova Scotia Bank account before they may be partially refunded to the student in Canada.

Loa & Gic Payment

The college issues a letter of acceptance, which also serves as a receipt for the money we have paid. Once we get an account number from Nova Scotia Bank, we will transfer the living expenses as well.


We will create the paperwork in accordance with the embassy’s requirements once we have received the bank statement from Nova Scotia Bank, and then we will submit the file to the Canadian High Commission.

Visa Outcome

Upon receiving the visa, you can begin making travel and lodging arrangements. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear the outcome of your visa application.

Travel Arrangements will arrange your travel plans to begin your new life in Canada after you have received your visa, including your tickets, currency exchanges, and documentation.