Presence of social media platforms is Important for Jewellers- why?


For a jewelry store, multi-channel marketing has been important for every jewelry store and the reason behind is obvious yet simple. According to surveys, 45% of consumers prefer digital destinations for their purchases as this type of purchase is usually hassle-free. After completing their initial research, they tend to buy lightweight jewelry from the websites themselves as they can purchase their products seamlessly. Moreover, the pandemic period has made most of the population shop for anything they need in the comfortable zone of their home. Therefore, for jewelers, it’s important to transform their business and spread their wings online along with their brick-and-mortar store.

Increases brand awareness

Maintaining an active social media presence might sound more expensive than it’s worth, However, the fact is a bit different. One of the world-renowned jewelry businesses has an insane quantity of 9.9 million followers on Facebook and 8 million followers on Instagram and they are crushing the game of brand awareness in the jewelry industry on social platforms. With almost 79% of London, the population using social media hence not using the benefits of social media for your jewelry business can prove to be a huge miss-out. On social media, beautiful pictures of the jewelry can be shared on the Instagram account.

Interact with consumers on the daily basis

Communicating with your potential consumer becomes much easier through social media, and even jewelers can understand the market well as they get to interact with the consumers and ask about their preferences and dislikes through social media. Platforms like Twitter make it simple to reply to questions, solve their issues and then get engaged with followers in just one or two clicks. Thanks to social media websites, jewelry websites don’t need to keep customers waiting for at least 3 to 5 days to answer their queries. Another use of social media is prompting the users to tag their businesses profile which would have displayed jewelry like lab grown diamond jewelry, or other jewelry so that it reaches the maximum population.

Breaks the ice between the consumer and the jeweler

Just posting and sharing on social media can be a strong start for jewelers. The social media surface allows you to target its audience precisely and hence if someone wants to reach local customers they can. Social media platforms break the restriction of both the jewelers and the consumers and lets them interact with each other without any hesitations. You might also get surprised when you come to hear that it’s a cost-effective mode of marketing.


The strategy of marketing through social media is also helpful because it is cost-efficient. Social media does not charge anything from you while posting on them. Where jeweler has to pay thousands of pounds for making TV commercials to reach people, with social media they can get inside the house of consumers without any charge, and ads on Facebook and Instagram ask for minimal cost.

Making differences with creative moves

Exactly like the other sectors, the jewelry sector should also change and transform over time. Therefore, new moves like putting up stories or uploading video status of the pieces of the most beautiful jewelry are important to survive in the competitive market. Putting up something daily on social media will help consumers remember the brand whenever they need to buy jewelry. The motive is to remain in the minds of the consumers.
Whether you are trying to sell a black diamond engagement ring or a heavy neck piece, online selling is as easy as offline selling.