Anahuac Transport Carves a Niche for Itself in Bulk Trucking

Anahuac Transport

The profession of trucking has now progressed with leaps and bounds. This has become possible by the growing affinity of individuals toward online shopping. The increased demand for goods ordered online requires the companies to ensure that the delivery of the goods is made by a trusted trucking company such as Anahuac Transport.

This transport company is very efficient in transferring goods from one place to another. Their services are state-of-the-art and as a result, have set high standards in bulk liquid transportation. Bulk trucking is, however, very different from normal trucking services. Specialized trucks are used in this regard and if the good to be delivered is liquid then the tanker used has to be specific to the content to be carried.

What is bulk trucking?

When large quantities of liquid or dry goods need to be transported, they make use of tankers, which are either dry or liquid tankers. This is called the bulk trucking process. At times totes and drums may be used in the dry vans.

Dry bulk tankers – when a metal cylinder has a series of hoppers attached to the bottom of the cylinder, which is cone-shaped, they are called dry bulk trailers. The openings in this are manholes which are used for loading products informs Anahuac Transport. There are a total of six manholes and these tankers are of various sizes.

Liquid bulk trucks – these are either made of stainless steel or aluminum and may or may not be insulated. A tanker such as this generally holds about 7.000 gallons of liquid but there are other specialized ones that are smaller and hold about 5,000 gallons of liquid. The latter ones are known as ‘tight fill’. These tankers may have a single or more than one compartment to carry more than one kind of liquid at a time. Special food-grade products such as vegetable oil, fruit juices, or vegetable can all be transported with the help of these trucks.

What are the costs of bulk trucking?

The cost of bulk trucking is higher than shipping goods via dry van. The reasons for it as Anahuac Transport will agree include the following:

  • A truck may not be in a nearby location where the goods have to be shipped. In that case, a number of extra miles have to be traveled by truck for a tank wash. This increases the tariff of the customer thereby, who will have to pay for all those extra miles traveled. A liquid bulk tanker is more expensive than a dry van trailer; added to that is the equipment that is needed for carrying any liquid.
  • Irrespective of whether the tanker is half or full, the rates for hiring the tanker remain the same. This certainly adds to the expenses of the customer.
  • Carrying hazardous goods such as chemical bulk transportation is costlier than shipping normal things. This is because of the insurance requirements that are higher as is the hazmat training for the driver.

The Anahuac transport company has been able to provide exemplary services in shipping bulk liquid over the years maintaining all the prerequisites religiously. This is what has made them one of the best in the trade and certainly the most trustworthy when one intends to reach their liquid goods to some far-off location.