The Best Way to Find New Games on Crey


Crey has become one of the fastest-growing gaming platforms for both gamers and game creators to show off their creative skills. With tons of new and amazing titles getting released every single week, there’s quite a lot to be discovered. From multiplayer zombie shooters to super challenging puzzle games, there’s something for everyone!

But with so many options to choose from, it might get a little daunting to find the right games for you. But worry not, I will share with you the best way to find new games on Crey with ease.

Finding the Right Game

Since Crey is a free game development platform, it encourages a lot of people to come and show their creative skills with pre-made tools and assets that look absolutely stunning! This results in tens of hundreds of pc games being published frequently. So how do you find the right video game for you? Luckily, it’s not so hard, thanks to the awesome gaming community, all games are ranked according to players’ liking and the amount of time they spend playing the game.

Each game is categorized according to its genre, for you to easily browse through the games you enjoy the most. You can also find games that the majority of the players on the platform are having a blast of a time with, in the “Most Played” category. But if you want to be the first one to try out new games, you can find fresh new video games in the “Great New Creations” category.

You can try out these new games and let other players know about your experience down in the comments section. This makes Crey convenient for gamers to find new video games with ease. And if you are feeling a little optimistic, you can even try to beat the highest scores and claim the top charts for yourself!