Revature Provides Brief Overview of a Talent Development Roadmap


Even though the Covid-19 pandemic did have a devastating impact on employment, the tech industry managed to fare relatively well. The stability of this sector throughout the pandemic can be attributed to revamped supply chains, increased technology infrastructure and services, remote work models and more. Even after the risks associated with the pandemic have subsided, the world continues to move towards digitization.

Tech workers are therefore, likely to become even more relevant. Attracting, managing, and retaining tech talent is not always easy for a business. Hence, it would be a smarter choice to seek out assistance from experts like Revature for the process.

Revature underlines diverse ways to develop tech talent

Upskilling and reskilling are two popular approaches for developing tech talent. Hiring new candidates for a job can be quite expensive. Hence, businesses can simply choose to equip their current team with the knowledge and competencies needed for success. Upskilling involves the process of providing employees with advanced skills through continuous training and education. On the flipside, reskilling implies to teaching employees skills for certain new roles.

Another great way to develop talent is through TaaS or talent as a service model. This method helps businesses to acquire high-skilled tech workers on demand. Similar to the much popular software as a service (SaaS) model, TaaS allows businesses to boost their efficiency and reduce expenses. TaaS service providers offer candidates who have the expertise needed by the business, no matter whether it is AI, ML, analytics or even digital marketing. TaaS also allows businesses to switch candidates based on priorities and expertise. One can simply stop working with the team whenever they want, as most TaaS models operate on a quarterly or month-to-month basis. This system enables businesses to save time, energy, and money, which can be put into use for innovation and strategy development.

Last but not least, businesses can obtain tech talent through a company that uses the Hire-Train-Deploy model. Such companies usually find candidates from universities and job fairs, trains them on the skills needed by the clients and deploys the candidates to the clients once the training is completed. As the Hire-Train-Deploy company does all the work in regards to hiring and training, their clients are able to save a lot of hassle, money, and time.

Broadly speaking, there are myriad of ways to develop tech talent. As all companies are different, they make use of distinctive models, programs, and methods to competently fulfill their needs. Developing talent can particularly be challenging in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Staying up-to-date with the latest digital advancements to upskill or reskill employees accordingly is not simple. In fact, unless a business has a proper system in place, they may end up spending time and resources in talent development, without getting the desired results.

Hence, rather than taking on the responsibility of tech talent development all by themselves, availing the assistance of companies like Revature can prove to be a much smarter choice. This company provides businesses with trained software engineers who are equipped with the most in-demand skills. These engineers go through intensive coding programs, which make them ready for the modern, fast paced job environment.