The Application Advantages Of Magnetic Connectors


Pomagtor, founded in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise with precision connection as the leading factor and technology development as the core, integrating R&D, production, and sales. The company’s main products are Pogo Pins, Pogo Pin connectors, magnetic connectors, and magnetic charging data cables. The company’s products are widely used in smart wear, mobile communications, digital cameras, automobiles, medical equipment, and other fields. Today we will talk about the advantages of our magnetic connectors.

Automatic adsorption connection to improve user experience

The user must align the pin by inserting and pulling it out, whether it is the traditional pin method or the Pogo Pin method. Even if there is a foolproof structure and a push-pull self-locking function, the user must use a certain force to lock or release the buckle structure.

The magnetic connector, because of the existence of the polarity of the permanent magnet, plus the foolproof and certain buckle locking structure, can be automatically locked and locked, and the insertion force can be adjusted by the size and position of the permanent magnet. This results in a better user experience.

Anti-drop maintenance mechanism, easy-to-remove adsorption interface

Magnetic connectors are used to connect and transmit various signals. To ensure signal transmission quality, magnetic connectors must have a certain force for continuous connection. Non-magnetic connectors generally require a locked structure so that if someone passes or operates during use, Improper tripping often occurs, and in most cases, personal injury or even damage to the machine end and cable assembly caused by the machine end being pulled.

The design of the magnetic connector, because it is magnetically tightened, will ensure the stability of the connection and ensure that users and others can release the force in a time when they are tripped, which can largely prevent injuries to the machine end, cable Component damage.

Design advantages, high plug life, waterproof and dustproof

Most of the magnetic connectors use the Pogo Pin separation magnet structure. Because the Pogo Pin structure is the contact between the pin and the surface, and the design of the internal spring structure of the pin and the coating process, the design can handle high plugging and unplug more quickly. Life, waterproof and dustproof, corrosion resistance, and other issues provide customers with customized and diverse treatment plans faster.