6 Myths About Dental Care That Are Actually True

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Dental care is very important. A lot of people experience bad dental health just because of missing oral hygiene. There are many myths about dental problems or staying free from them. However, like everything else, some of the myths are actually true. Yet, the basic demand from people remains about best oral hygiene routines every day.

So, why do people get oral infections and problems? Some are natural as we age and can be dealt with easily. Most are because of our daily habits and missed oral care routines. However, expensive painful fixes like dental implants remain hard to get and also very discomforting too. So, read below to find out about some dental care myths that are actually true:

1: Missing Toothbrushing Increases Chances of Oral Infections

Did we all not get told for the need of toothbrushing right from very young years? If everyone is talking about, it must be for a reason right! It sure is. Brushing your teeth is the most important part of oral hygiene. Everyone needs to brush teeth twice every day, early morning and before going to bed.

There are so many food bits left in the mouth that get turned into plaque and then bacteria infections. These infections travel into the teeth, on your gums or anywhere else in the mouth. So, yes, this myth is absolutely true. Not brushing your teeth gives infections more chances to grow.

When you brush teeth with quality toothpaste, all those bacteria get flushed out. Good toothpastes have anti-bacterial substances in them. This is why toothbrushing is an absolute must every day twice.

2: Skipping Floss Gives Rise to Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity can happen for many different reasons. At the core of it, you will find it is due to inner teeth infections. Bacteria actually get inside a tooth or several teeth. They eat the teeth bone from the inside. This hollows up that particular tooth or many teeth infection might be in.

So, what happens is when you drink or eat hot or cold foods, you get sensitive teeth. Pain sensations can sometimes feel like traveling inside the mouth. Most teeth infections are caused by plaque buildup on the teeth that doesn’t get cleaned off.

So, flossing gets rid of plaque buildup between teeth gaps. In fact, this myth is very much true as well. You need to floss daily to take out all that plaque and bacteria from between the teeth to lose infection.

3: Toothbrushing After Sugary Acidic Foods Weakens Teeth

This is a myth that actually not a lot of people know about. Many people associate toothbrushing with teeth cleaning no matter what time you do it. However, there are some best times, some good times and some not so good times for it.

Sugary, acidic foods or drinks tend to weaken the top layer of enamel on the teeth. This is when inner softer layers get exposed to bacteria residual in your mouth. These bacteria can travel inside once the top protective enamel isn’t there even temporarily.

So, yes, toothbrushing right after sugary, acidic foods can weaken the teeth by exposing to infection. Give toothbrushing a rest of at least 30 minutes after such foods or drinks.

4: Your Direct Impacts Oral Healthy Directly

Many of us actually don’t want to believe this one. But yes, your diet directly impacts oral health. Firstly, gums are actually soft tissues that need to stay hydrated. If you body has less liquids to work with, gums will become drier, more irritable, possibly receding and prone to infection.

Also, teeth and gums need fibers and calcium to stay healthy too. So, what you eat will directly impact oral health. Eat more fiber filled fresh organics like celery, cucumber, spinach and others. Eat your fruits whole without juicing them up. A healthy diet is good for the body and for your teeth.

5: Teeth Implants Take Several Months to Completely Heal

Many people think about teeth implants to be nice and quick fixes to decaying or missing teeth. However, implants might be good fixes but they are far from quick solutions. Firstly, the actual process and procedure takes a lot of time. Dentists will place implants during a lengthy procedure.

Secondly, implants get placed through a very grueling and painful procedure. It will include removing the root, drilling into the jaw and more. The overall recovery and heal period is no short than six months. In some cases, it might be more as well. It is best to not require implants in the first place.

6: Visiting Dentists Every Six Months Keeps Oral Health High

Another myth that general people don’t usually believe is visiting the dentist keeps teeth healthy. Many people actually only visit the dentist when they have some sort of oral problems. However, visiting every six months also keeps infections and other problems away as well.

Professional dentists will always be in the best place to spot teeth or gum infections. These infections, especially teeth infections, at the start are very much stealthy. You will not know even if they are there. So, keep visiting the dentist. They will keep all the bigger problems away.

Bottom Line

Take care of your oral health by following correct oral hygiene routine. Also, not all myths are always wrong. Do you research and follow the ones that are actually true. Losing teeth or developing infections isn’t what you need. Visit the dentist if you have any problem or every six months without problems to keep your oral health high.