SmartSheets Cost vs Freshdesk Cost Analysis of Two PM Tools

freshdesk cost vs smartsheert cost

Its features are the foundation of any product or solution’s pricing structure. A product with no value, regardless of its cost-effectiveness, is not worth anything. Today’s guide focuses on Freshdesk cost vs Smartsheet cost. We have included all of the key features of each vendor in our attempt to create a comprehensive guide. You can now evaluate the cost-benefit ratios of these platforms to determine if they are worth your investment.

Without further ado, let’s get started on this comprehensive Smartsheets cost analysis vs Freshdesk cost comparison.

Freshdesk Software:

Freshdesk focuses on customer service in project management. Freshdesk works to ensure projects run according to client expectations without any problems. It’s basically an issue resolution tool that helps clients improve their satisfaction. Freshdesk helps companies to embrace a solid customer experience.

Freshdesk reviews show that it transforms support agents into service heroes. This platform is a game changer in the resolution of issues. It tracks all queries, ensuring that deadlines are met. It even has a time tracking feature that records the time it takes to resolve tickets. It increases productivity in a business and converts clients into leads.

Salient Offers of Freshdesk

Let’s take a quick look at the core functionalities of the Freshdesk project management software. Let’s get on with it.

Ticketing: Use scenario automation to prioritize, categorize, and sort tickets. Also, ensure compliance with the SLA service. This ensures that deadlines are met.

Multi-channel support: Supports customers via email, chat, phone, WhatsApp, or social media channels. All customer tickets are tracked.

Field service management: This dashboard contains tasks that field service workers must complete. It also includes time tracking and an e-customer signing service.

Automated: Boosts team productivity through event-triggered or time-triggered automation. It also auto-assigns tickets to customers for quicker support.

Self-service: Customers can resolve problems by using the Freshdesk project management tool, such as a feedback mechanism or widget box. Analytics and reporting: According to the Freshdesk reviews it provides the best analytic reports for monitoring tickets and gauging customer satisfaction. Personalization: Create customized ticket forms, portals and URLs to provide personalized customer service.


Advanced security: Provides access and identity identification, supports IP network restrictions and is SSL certified to ensure secured business domains.

Collaboration: Allows for quick resolution of issues, sharing ticket ownership, and keeping track all tickets.

Freshdesk’s reliability and effectiveness is evident if you take the time to read some of their reviews. This vendor’s support services are simply amazing. Freshdesk exceeds customers’ expectations, according to customer reviews.

Pricing Structure of Freshdesk:

Freshdesk’s reviews show that customers are happy with its services. We can’t decide if FreshDesk will be the right fit for you until we examine its pricing structure. Here are the pricing plans for FreshDesk in this Smartsheets cost and FreshDesk cost comparison.

FreshDesk offers four pricing packages, including one forever plan for free. There are three pricing options available: a $15 growth plan, $49 pro plan, and $79. Enterprise plans cost $79. Freshdesk’s reviews complain that it is too expensive for support desk solutions.

SmartSheets Software:

SmartSheets provides a comprehensive project management solution that automates businesses. SmartSheets offers a variety of services that enhance remote workspaces’ charisma. Smartsheets software improves project management, team collaboration, and automates business processes.

It also allows teams to work more efficiently and offers top-quality integrations. It can stratify the project and manage resources to forecast future needs. Smartsheets software is used by project management companies to optimize their workflows in finance, marketing and construction.

Salient Offerings of Smartsheets:

Smartsheets has been enhanced with top-quality services. Smartsheets’ users have access to over 50 tools and services that can be used to improve project cycles. This is a comprehensive review of Smartsheets’ key functions.

Mobile App: Increase team productivity by allowing real-time access to data, upload images, and sheet editing via hand-held devices.

Document Generation: This tool allows you to create custom PDFs with document builder. It attaches the generated PDFs directly to your rows.

Asset Management: Teams can use search tools to organize assets and recover data quickly using Smartsheets software.

Baselines: This review shows Smartsheets is able to submit projects on time, keep track of deadlines and forecast future estimates.

Bridge: Smartsheets Review shows that it is a bridge between repetitive tasks and workflows, allowing for actionable insights through a no-code interface.

Dashboard: Provides full visibility to project owners, including key trends, KPIs and financial performance metrics. It also tracks portfolio health.

Email domains customized: Send emails to recipients with Smartsheets custom domain email domain. This will give you control and help protect your stakeholders.

Enterprise Plan Manager: Manages companies across multiple departments while maintaining a unique granular structure. This allows for better company management.

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Activity log: Tracks changes made by collaborators.

Smartsheets’ premium add-ons, configurations and features will be revealed after a thorough Smartsheets review. The vendor can thus transform the way an organization works and modernize its entire work process.

SmartSheets Pricing Structure:

In this analytic guide, we’ll be looking at the pricing structure for Smartsheets. Given its features, it is easy to assume that Smartsheets may come with high-priced pricing packages. It’s actually quite the opposite. It offers the lowest cost plans. Smartsheets’ pricing structure is also available in ten currencies, making it a global leader.

Smartsheets offers a free plan to individual users. Next, there is a pro plan that costs $7/month and allows for up to 15 users per year. The business plan, which is for at least 3 users and costs $25/month, is $25/month billed annually. Smartsheets also offers an enterprise pricing plan that can be custom-built.

Final Words:

This Smartsheets cost vs Freshdesk cost comparison shows that Freshdesk is a more affordable option. According to the review of Smartsheets’ services, it is free. The Freshdesk support desk, on the other hand, seems heavier than Smartsheets. It costs more but has a smaller feature range. This guide will focus on the pricing ranges of PM solutions based on their feature range. Think carefully.