The World Best Gaming News in Vietnam


Whether you are a gaming aficionado or just a casual gamer, the world’s best gaming news is out there. If you are interested in playing online games or you have a gaming business, you will want to keep up to date with the latest gaming news in Vietnam.

A variety of game genres has brought about a diverse experience for players

Using data from the global market research firm, GlobalWebIndex, we found that the video gaming industry in Southeast Asia is not short on flash. In fact, it has become the perfect solution to help people connect and stay entertained.

GAMOTA has been in business for more than eight years, and it has become one of the biggest mobile game publishers in Vietnam. It serves more than 15 million customers domestically and internationally. It has released over 100 games to date. Its social fanpages and its comprehensive game casino trực tuyến publishing ecosystem ensure that its customers have access to the best gaming experiences.

While the gaming industry in Southeast Asia has had its share of hiccups, it remains the safest form of entertainment. It is not uncommon for people to play on multiple devices, including consoles, PCs, and mobile phones.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

Despite Vietnam’s efforts to reinvigorate the tourism industry, the country has taken comprehensive actions to combat the spread of COVID-19. Travel restrictions have been implemented in the most vulnerable areas. Some destinations have stricter measures, while others have relaxed restrictions.

Vietnam has declared 10,714,008 cases of coronavirus infection. The number of hospitalizations and deaths has fallen dramatically in the past weeks.

Ho Chi Minh City has imposed 15 days of social distancing measures under Directive 16. The city will also offer COVID-19 booster shots to residents from July 9. The health ministry has proposed a three-day isolation period for tourists.

Hanoi has suspended outdoor sports activities, and the physical exercise and in-person dining have been suspended. The city is also imposing a mandatory quarantine for travelers from countries that have the Omicron variant. Restaurants in the Hoan Kiem District and Tay Ho District have been closed. In addition, karaoke parlors in these two areas have been closed.

Chinese companies make up 69 percent of online games in Vietnam

Despite the resurgence of Vietnamese companies in the gaming sector, the game industry is still dominated by foreign gaming behemoths. The top three online games sold in Vietnam are all manufactured by Chinese companies. Despite the competition, Vietnamese companies have found international success in the casual gaming segment.

The game industry in Vietnam is a thriving one, with revenues from the industry rising 20 to 30 percent annually in the last five years. In addition to online gaming, traditional sports betting is also popular in the country. This year, Vietnam’s e-sports market is set to grow at a rate of 16 percent, according to a study by market research firm Niko Partners.

The competition for game publishers is a fierce one. In fact, Chinese companies accounted for more than 95 percent of the total number of launched games in 2016. The top games made in Vietnam include the ever popular Flappy Bird.

Shortage of game-related personnel

Considering the country’s young population, it should come as no surprise that the game industry is hot, and is expected to continue to grow in size over the coming years. With a population that has a penchant for playing games, and the proliferation of mobile technology, it’s no wonder the industry is a hotspot for innovation. The industry has a strong need for game designers, game programmers, and gamers, not to mention a burgeoning industry of professional game testers.

For better or worse, the game industry in Vietnam casino trực tuyến hasn’t been recognized as such by state management agencies, leaving the industry to fend for itself. The industry is plagued by a lack of support, and lacks a development strategy that isn’t in place yet. The good news is that the industry is growing quickly.


During the last century, Vietnam has made great progress and achieved one of the world’s fastest rates of economic growth. But, there is still a lot of illegal betting among its citizens. Gambling is considered a “social evil” in the country.

There are strict gambling regulations in Vietnam. To operate a gaming establishment in the country, an investor must have a minimum legal capital of VND500 billion. He or she must also have an application for a license. Applicants must also have proof of profitability in the fiscal year prior to the application.

A casino may have one gaming table for every VND10 million of investment capital. It is also required to have a business plan to ensure safety and order. In addition, the casino must post its internal rules in English and other foreign languages. It also has to keep a monitoring book. It records the number of entries and exits from the gaming location. The book is kept for three years.