What You Need to Know About Ezderm


EZderm is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. However, it’s also important to know what you’re getting into before going through with the process. Read on to learn the benefits, the risks, and the cost of using the process.


EZDerm is a specialized aldehyde cross linked porcine dermis for use in partial-thickness burns. Ezderm can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months. The application of ezderm is a simple process, and is used to cover partial-thickness burns. The application is symmetric for both upper and lower extremities. The dermis is cut along joint creases and secured with dry Kerlix bandaging.

The average size of the EZ Derm application was 2155 cm2. The average time to hospitalization after application was 17 days. The EZ Derm was not used on patients with hand burns or neck/head mobility, as it was feared that the dermis may shear. A second patient had prolonged adherence of the dermis. The patient had a 33% TBSA partial-thickness burn. The patient had two small areas of hypertrophic scaring on PODs 69 and 91.

Complications reported included premature separation of the dermis, infection, incomplete epithelialization at the time of separation, and need for further excision and grafting. A majority of the complications were due to poor positioning of the dermis and inadequate debridement.

Premature separation occurred in nine patients. Two patients were due to improper positioning. The etiology of the other two premature separations is not known.

There were no significant differences in patient demographics between the two groups. Patients in the first group were significantly older, had a longer duration of burn, and were more likely to have a nonvariable depth burn. The second group had no significant differences in age, length of burn, or TBSA.

The overall complication rate was 12%. Of the patients with complications, 18 complications were reported. The reasons for premature separation included poor positioning of the dermis, inadequate debridement, and indeterminate reasons. In addition, six patients required subsequent excision and grafting.

The EZ Derm is a simple and cost-effective solution for partial-thickness injuries. In addition to providing a healing environment, it has been shown to reduce pain. It has been used at the Tampa General Regional Burn Unit since 2008. The EZ Derm is a great option for partial-thickness injuries. Its use is easy, and it offers responsive customer service.

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EZ Derm is an aldehyde cross-linked porcine dermis that has been used to treat partial thickness burns since the mid-80s. Despite its success, it has also been associated with some complications. In fact, in a recent study evaluating the EZ Derm, a majority of complications were attributed to the product’s shortcomings.

The study involved 157 patients treated with EZ Derm. Of those, 18 complications were reported. These complications included premature separation, sloughing, hypertrophic scarring, and the need for an excision and graft. Although the EZ Derm was successful in achieving the shortest separation time, it also had the unfortunate misfortune of causing the most complications.

The study is limited by the fact that it is a retrospective study, which limits the ability to evaluate the effect of different EZ Derm preparation methods. The study also only measured the effect of the EZ Derm on the complication of hypertrophic scaring. While there were no significant differences in the proportion of patients with hypertrophic scaring or sloughing among the two groups, there were no patients with the EZ Derm who did not suffer from a complication. Moreover, the most common complication, a premature separation, was caused by a combination of etiologies.

In general, the EZ Derm was not used for hand or neck burns, or on pediatric patients. The average EZ Derm application was 2155 cm2, and the average time from initial burn injury to application of the product was five days. The most common application site was the anterior trunk. It was also not used on patients with limited mobility, or those who required early ambulation. The cost of EZ Derm may be more expensive than its use, but it appears to be an effective treatment. The product can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months.

The EZ Derm has been found to reduce pain and promote healing in partial-thickness burns. Although its use in these cases is a good idea, its safety and effectiveness need to be proven over an extended period of time. In addition, EZ Derm has been associated with some complications, namely premature separation and humoral rejection.


EZDERM is an EHR and practice management solution for dermatologists. It is designed to be used in practices of all sizes. It is an innovative, cloud-based solution that is ICD-10 ready and fully customizable. Its primary focus is on improving the quality of care provided. It features a Patient Portal, 3D Body Maps, and real-time documentation. It is also ONC-ACB certified and HIPPA compliant.

In addition to the EHR, Ezderm provides an Advanced Cosmetic Module, a check-in kiosk, and a Practice Management System. These features are designed to help providers automate their daily workflow. It also provides access to images and data through iPads. It is highly customizable, and its user-friendly interface provides an effective method for dermatologists to document patient encounters.

The cost of EZDERM is less than the industry average. Its features allow dermatologists to document and manage patient encounters while tracking the growth of their practice. It can also help improve patient appointment reminders. It is a highly integrated EHR, which means that medical practitioners can automate their daily tasks and enhance their productivity using its productivity templates. It also comes with a free companion app that provides quick access to patient information.

EZDERM provides flexible documentation, real-time documentation, and automated coding. It also comes with an integrated patient portal, and its 3D Anatomical Body Maps are designed to help dermatologists visually document patient encounters. EZDERM’s practice management system allows you to set up appointment reminders. It is easy to integrate into your practice.

Ezderm was designed to be user-friendly, and its staff responds to support requests quickly. It is highly flexible, allowing dermatologists to manage the entire workflow of their practice. It has a quick learning curve, and offers multiple customizations.

Ezderm’s MIPS and MACRA certifications mean that it helps medical practitioners meet quality of care requirements. The company also provides education and improvement resources to help providers meet these standards. In addition to providing dermatology software solutions, EZDERM has partnered with Healthmonix to provide MIPSPRO qualified registry reporting. The company has also delivered $20 million in total incentive payments to clients. EZDERM’s software solutions are backed by EZDERM, LLC, which is also a CMS-Qualified PQRS Registry.