Best Butterfly Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Best Butterfly Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids is one of the first things kids learn to draw when they discover colors, and sketch pens are butterflies. Butterflies are renowned for being mysterious and easy to draw. Their colorful wings and adorably little eyes make them exceptionally attractive.

Drawing For Kids is a child’s favorite hobby for leisure or academic purposes. It has always acted as an outlet for creativity. But just like anything else, things must be practiced to become an expert. Comparatively easier to draw and charming in their own right are butterflies. They have beautiful wings that appear easy to create but can be challenging.

Steps for drawing a butterfly

  • Divide a vertical oval in half by drawing a vertical line through its center.
  • Underneath the first oval, draw a second oval, and connect the two with a curved line.
    Add another oval on top of the first one after that, and two tiny circles for eyes should be added behind it.
  • Then, sketch the two curves of the antenna.
  • Now that the fundamental model is finished, your youngster can draw and color the butterfly.
  • There are many different species of butterflies, but one thing about them all is their beauty.
  • The Real School of Montessori provides several wonderful and basic butterfly sketching examples for youngsters to try and imitate:

An Ephemeral:

  • This standalone vector artwork has a white background. This example piece’s best quality is that it was hand-drawn, which can encourage your kids to also start drawing.


  • Free-hand styling was used to produce this image, which features a continuous, flying line drawing element isolated on a white background. It might be used as a logo.

3 Bumblebee:

  • This watercolor is really beautiful. Children may easily build this model with the help of their parents by arranging the colors in the appropriate places. Although drawing the pattern is difficult, it will be accurate with practice.

4 Bumblebee:

  • Children who plan to begin sketching and explore the world of painting will benefit greatly from this antique butterfly art illustration. The entire design was created with just a pencil, giving it a special charm.

Bee No. 5:

  • Get your kids ready for this one. This is not difficult, despite how it might seem. This popular Zentangle pattern is mostly found on pottery and t-shirts. Its best quality is that it doesn’t require shading.
  • You might make a few mistakes the first few times you practice this design, but it’s always a good idea to keep trying. Your child can improve precision and observational abilities using the antennas’ mirror images.

Bee No. 6:

  • Monarch Butterfly sightings are common in the spring, and they are stunning. Every time someone tries to catch them, they perch on a flower, collect pollen grains, and then take off running.
  • They abhor touching most extremely. This drawing can be made with pencils or watercolors.