Best Gaming Sports News in Vietnam


Whether you are looking for information on League of Legends, Xem the Thai 789, Lao Dong Online or YeuTheThao, there are plenty of resources on the internet. But not everyone knows which ones are the best. Here is an easy guide on where to go for the most up to date information.

League of Legend

Despite the uncertain future of the 8xbet League of Legends online gaming sports news in Vietnam, there are some promising signs for the country’s e-sports industry. The industry is expected to reach an estimated USD 9 billion in 2025, and the future is looking bright for the local e-sports market.

Vietnamese teams will be able to qualify for international tournaments through the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational). This event will increase to 14 teams, and the best teams from the region will receive a guaranteed spot at the Worlds.

GAM Esports earned a spot in the region’s qualifying group. They finished first with an 11-3 record in the Vietnam Championship Series A Summer 2014 tournament. They then topped the Philippines in the SEA Games 31 final.

In March, Riot Games announced that it was splitting from the Southeast Asian Garena Premier League. The new competitive region will focus on other Southeast Asian nations. However, the Vietnam Championship Series will no longer qualify for the GPL. This will create a more open opportunity for other regions to qualify for events.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the fastest growing sports news sites in Vietnam. It offers in-depth coverage of a wide range of events. The site has an impressive video library and a wide array of breaking news stories. It also has an impressive mobile application. It also has a forum where users can discuss the latest events. Besides, Xem the Thai 789 has a team of vetted professionals who write the content.

In addition to its online sports news, it also offers betting games. You can bet on the outcome of sporting events on Xem the Thai 789. The site has a large community of sports devotees. It is also partnered with local TV stations. This helps it to get a large amount of audience.


Among the many sports news websites in Vietnam, YeuTheThao stands out as the leading one. It offers comprehensive coverage of the most important sporting events in the country. It is updated all day long and has a large readership. The site also features a variety of video content, live scores, and an interactive sports prediction game.

YeuTheThao also has a mobile version, which allows users to view the latest news on the go. The site is accessible in both Vietnamese and English. The site covers a range of sports including football, basketball, martial arts, and more. The website also has a forum where sports fans can discuss and engage in a variety of topics. It has a widget for showing scores and a free iPhone app.

Lao Dong Online

Whether you are interested in football, 8xbet baseball, or any other sports event, there are several websites in Vietnam that will provide you with the latest sports news. In addition, some of these websites offer live scores, predictions, betting games, and other features to keep you up to date on the games you want to watch.

EightX is one of the largest sports news websites in Vietnam. It offers comprehensive coverage of all major sports events in the country. It has a forum for sports enthusiasts, articles written by vetted professionals, and a wide video library. Its content is regularly updated, including articles and breaking news. Its website is available in Vietnamese and English. You can also sign up for a free account to get the latest news. You can access the site from your PC or mobile device.

Levi left Vietnam to play abroad

Leaving Vietnam to play in North America was a bold move for Levi Tran, but it was a necessary one. In this country, he had to adjust to new language and culture, and he had to learn the ropes in order to succeed. Ultimately, his talents were rewarded, and he made his mark as a top-tier jungler.

The best part is, he’s still in it. He’s now a jungler for GAM Esports, a renowned League of Legends organization that’s just a few days away from capturing their first ever title in the GPL. He’ll be in good company as they have a few high-profile rookies in their arsenal, including the legendary Lee Sin, as well as a couple of new faces.

In his time in the Big Apple, he’s already witnessed some memorable moments in the world of esports. While he was in New York, he was able to witness a team of Vietnamese League of Legends pros in action.