Team-building activities are generally very essential for every team and company. They help co-workers bond and enjoy the healthy times in their lives while working together, and by bonding with others, they can eventually solve every problem much more quickly. Thus, it’s always great to organize those, and one of the most unusual team-building activities can be playing virtual games together.

Virtual escape rooms are the best to play, like Red Door Escape Room. These are the games that are designed virtually to play on your computer set, mobile, or even your VR set even. These are very well designed, easy to access, and, most of the time, cheaper too. All you have to do is to go online, find some of your favorites, discover some weird ones, have fun, and enjoy yourself. But be prepared that you might also have to pay for some of them. So go and have a blast at it as well. But to find out some great attributes, we’ve curated a great list for you guys to check out eventually.

Here is the list of the seven best virtual games for team-building for you to try and play:

MR-X: Basically, you have to find out the identity of this agent, MR-X, who is dropping various clues and taunts at you on the internet. With all the sources from the internet at your disposal, find out the mystery man soon before it gets more dangerous!

GRAND THEFT ESCAPE: Here, this is an online game costing USD 49 to get access codes. You have got to solve the mystery of Mr. Gautheri’s wager, and if you do so well, you will get a reward, but it’s hard to do so because there is someone else competing with you as well, and he has a flying contraption on him. It is a race to circle the world in 89 days or less. So good luck with that!

60OUT: This is a great escape room experience with various difficulty levels that you can check out at your home with your team!

HOGWARTS DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM: You guessed it right from the title! This is a Harry Potter-themed escape room that is free of cost!

THE GRIMM ESCAPE: This is the most popular one from Puzzle Break. Requiring USD 21 for you to play, it is a fairy tale experience for your team to play live on zoom! So do try it out soon!

LOST IN THE ARCTIC! ~ It’s a new one and has quite an interesting storyline… The website says,

“There was a discovery at the Arctic research station – then all contact was lost.
Can you & your team get to the bottom of the mystery in time?

Your team has been tasked with locating the missing crew at the Arctic Outpost who suddenly & mysteriously stopped making radio contact.

But be careful, whatever they discovered was not of this world.”

You have to solve and find out what it is and go on this remarkable and scary journey. Also, it will charge you USD 49, but it’s worth it. So be ready.

THE PANIC ROOM: This one is great for team building. It has various escape rooms with different themes and difficulty levels in an online game. Your team will surely love solving this one!

ABANDONED MINE ESCAPE: This is the game that I enjoyed the most! It’s a simple escape game you can solve together on zoom and get lost. It’s free of any cost. You are abandoned in an escape mine as a worker working there, and the mine has been crushed a little, and you have to find a way to escape soon!

I hope you like these games as much as we did! To get more fun while playing escape games, we recommend you also try the real-life escape rooms. Go and check them out sooner. Also, check out the Rush escape rooms, as they are a great escape room company. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments below soon!