Why get a limo bus service in Toronto for your next event

limo bus service Toronto
limo bus service Toronto

Do your friends’ group plan to go to a bachelor party or a prom in style? A limo bus service is ideal to get all of you together at the place. The exquisite interior and elegant exterior of a limo bus will turn heads when you arrive at a party in style. The Limo bus service in Toronto has become quite popular among the residents. It is commonly used as a party bus, however, there can be a slight difference between the two.

Limo buses vs party limousines

Limo buses or party limousine buses are typically used to get to an event. They have a high passenger capacity ranging from 10 to 35 individuals. The main purpose of both vehicles is the same; getting a group of people to an event together while they can enjoy and interact on the way. Both these vehicles come with comfy limousines interiors and bus-like exteriors.

The only difference between a limo bus and a party limo bus is that the party one might come with additional benefits like LED lights, a bar, and a dance floor. These things can also be requested in a simple limo bus, converting it into a party bus. That’s why both these terms are used interchangeably.

Qualities of a limo bus

High Safety

Parties mostly involve dancing, eating, and drinking. As driving while drunk is fatal and illegal in the state, having a safe vehicle to pick you up and drop you at home is closer to safety than getting there in your car. In addition, limo drivers are always licensed. They can handle any unusual scenario that happens, keeping you safe.


Unlike clubs and bars where all the people are merged, a party bus gives you a personal space of safety. Here, you can enjoy yourself with friends will full privacy. It is also good news for shy people. Your secrets and personal conversations won’t leave the vehicle. Moreover, these buses may have black windows and a separate chamber from the driver’s seat, adding to your privacy.

Cost Effective 

It may seem expensive to you but if you look at the bigger picture, a bus can prove to be more economical than any luxury cab. For instance, if you are a group of 20 individuals going to a party half across the town, renting a limo bus service in Toronto is better for your wallet than hiring multiple cabs for these many individuals.

Multiple Stops 

This quality is my personal favorite. Suppose you have to pick up your friends from stops to visit multiple locations within a day. For this, a limo bus is the best choice. You can add as many stops as you want before hiring the vehicle. You can also go for shopping to stop by to get anything to eat along the way. You won’t have to book Ubers every now and then.

Additional features

As we explained earlier, you can request additional decorative items in your limo bus like LED lights, a sound system, a dance floor, or disco lights. You can also ask to arrange the seating arrangement just the way you want. Besides, there is also the option of floral decorations matching your wedding theme.

Ideal for all occasions 

Who says limo buses are only for parties? You can rent a limo party bus for any special occasion of your life. You may rent it for a family reunion or to get a short trip to your favourite location with friends. It is also great for weddings where you can decorate the vehicle accordingly. Most commonly, people use it for bachelor parties, night outs, birthdays, and destination weddings.

Things to consider before booking a limo bus

If you want to rent the best bus from the top company, consider these factors before making your decision;

  • Get quotes from multiple limo companies
  • Compare services from the best budget agencies
  • Get complete details of the bus including its capacity, ambiance, seating arrangement
  • Ask for any additional decorations or benefits
  • Add multiple stops in your contract (if you want)
  • Get a fixed-price contract
  • Choose a reputable agency with good customer reviews

Getting a quality limo bus service 

Not all limousines deliver the best services and qualities as mentioned above. If you want the best possible features, look for a reliable company and choose wisely. After all, safety must be your priority. In our opinion, Dundalk Limo is providing the best limo bus service in Toronto and surrounding towns. Its drivers and licensed and the agency enjoy a great market reputation.

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