Lately, one technology is creating rounds in the market and has left everyone spell-bounded, and the amount of comfort it has caused, is beyond imagination even!

Which technology is this?

Well any guesses out there???

To shy down the heat of guesses, I am glad to announce the technology, which is none other than Block chain technology….

Indeed we all have heard a lot about it after bitcoin ☺

And surprisingly the crypto currency Bitcoin and Blockchain technology have some relevant connection as well, that are helping the businesses to bring out the best from their platform, while utilizing the structure of blockchain technology.

A quick glimpse of what exactly is blockchain technology?

Calling blockchain one of the most disruptive technical pieces in decades, would not be wrong. It was firstly originated by a group of people- Satoshi Nakamoto. It has turned out to be something bigger since its origination and now it has become a platform, which allows the digital information to be distributed amongst the users, but not copied.

Undeniably, blockchain technology has laid the foundation of a new type of internet, has an ample number of benefits…

  • The blockchain database isn’t stored on any single location
  • The data records are kept public and easily verifiable
  • No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt
  • Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously
  • It cannot be controlled by any single entity
  • It has no single point of failure

There are many other benefits related to this technology and in other words, Blockchain is indeed a revolutionary step, and it is the mechanism, which allows all the users to come at an axis point, where there is no scope for error, missed transactions, human or machine errors, or any exchange done without consent.

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