6 High-impact, low-care floor coverings

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Ground cover plants may be the least valued plants in the garden. They don’t have the most dazzling flowers or the most interesting habits, but they are priceless in many other ways. Good ground cover can eliminate weeds, stop erosion, fill in the gaps between larger perennials, and even soften the edges of walls and curbs. However, not all floor coverings are created equal. The best require little care, look great in multiple seasons, and will appear in large numbers soon.

When many people think of ground cover, they think of a large number of plants that lack imagination and are often aggressive. If your idea of ​​ground cover is periwinkle (Periwinkle*, Zones 4–8) or Japanese pachysandra (Hou Mizi, Area 5-9), you may be surprised to find that some ground cover plants are beautifully opened, with good texture, and politely spread.This video highlights some of the favorites in the garden Fine gardening Editing includes gorgeous ground cover plants like roses, surprisingly tough native shrubs, and shade-loving perennials that look like aquatic plants.

List of great ground cover plants

‘Foxley’ Thyme (Thyme ‘Foxley’): This creeper has fragrant variegated leaves and splashes bright pink in spring. In summer, pink flowers cover the rough mounds.

‘Karmina’ Geranium (Geranium X Cantabrigian ‘Karmina’): This long-term blooming beauty can provide shade, making it one of the most practical perennials.

‘Angelina’ Sedum (Rock sedum ‘Angelina’): If you are looking for the strongest floor covering, look no further. This succulent plant can tolerate poor soil and dry conditions.

European Ginger (Asarum): The glossy leaves of the dark figures are very eye-catching.

Low landscape mound® Aronia (Aronia biloba ‘UCONNAM165’): Native plants are always a good supplement to the garden. When they are as tough and beautiful as this shrub that clings to the ground, that’s even better.

White drift® Rose (Rosa’Meizorland’): You can rest assured that this beautiful rose will not be attacked by diseases and insects like many of its cousins.

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