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Hello, this is Peggy Rupert from Brookings Coast, Oregon.You published my garden twice (Giant snapdragon!, with Gardening on the Oregon Coast). I am sending you a photo of my friend’s garden because I believe you and your readers will be as surprised as I am at the garden of my 70-year-old friend, Vickie Jewell!

Vickie and her husband Steve chose a beautiful construction site, located on a pine-covered road, facing the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean! After five years of construction, the only problem it brought was where to plant the garden. There really is no place to build a traditional garden. The only space available is-you guessed it-straight down the landslide between their home and the road. Therefore, Vicky, no one can give up and let Steve place a heavy steel hook on the top of the mountain. Now is the amazing part! Vicky tied a thick rope to her waist and hooked it to the implanted ground hook, and then walked over from one side; holding a battery-powered chain saw in one hand, and a small pick in the other. And she will not be satisfied with ground cover! She has been planting all kinds of interesting things. Steve also built a greenhouse for her halfway up the mountain, with a romantic swing/glider on top, perfect for drinking lemonade, enjoying a day’s work, and being immersed in the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean.

Cliff edgeThe house really sits on the edge of a cliff.

Incredible view from the cliff sceneThat cliffside place offers incredible views.

Gardening by the cliffVicky dangled from the rope and started gardening!

Red passion vine in bloomA red passion vine (Passionflower sp.) Flowers blooming on the hillside.

Yellow California poppies growing on the hillsideyellow California Poppy (Eschscholzia California, Every year) bloom next to the stump on the slope.

The angel trumpet sounded nicely on the hillsideAngel’s horn (Brugmancia, Zone 8-10 or once a year) to show off its huge, yellow, fragrant flowers.

Trolley steering planterOn a flat ground, an old wheelbarrow-turned planter overflowed with annual plants, including variegated Nasturtium (Tarragon Majus, yearly).

Impatiens beautiful hillside waterfallVicky planted this beautiful impatiens hillside waterfall (Impatiens Valeriana, District 10-11 or once a year) by cutting the nursery pots in half and burying them in the middle of the mountain. She filled the pots with soil, and then planted impatiens in each pot. Genius, right?

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