A new nine-bark shrub that shows hope

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The compact nine-leaf trees have aroused my interest-their reduced size and exquisite habits are designed for small urban gardens like mine.They challenge this idea The nine trees are all rough or tangled shrubs.Very small leaf Sweet Cherry Tea™ It starts out in bronze green, then turns into bright burgundy; the leaves have a lovely red hue, which I can’t see on other purple varieties in summer. In autumn, red leaves dot the canopy of Burgundy. Unexpectedly, Sweet Cherry Tea™ will re-bloom in midsummer—and instead of sporadic flowers everywhere, there are clusters of flowers at each tip.

Raspberry Lemonade™ It comes from the same breeder as Sweet Cherry Tea™, so it has a natural similarity.although Expected to have a similar mature size, Raspberry Lemonade™ So far, it has shown a significantly wider habit-32 inches tall and 74 inches wide. Broad, slightly arched habit branches are good, and larger varieties are more delicate. As the weather gets warmer, the golden-green leaves gradually turn green with a golden hue; with the arrival of autumn, the copper-yellow covering layer on the terminal leaves deepens. In spring, white clusters of flowers sprout from the end of each branch, and then hang coral red fruits. The re-blooming in early autumn is a pleasant surprise. The slender pink twigs are densely covered with small leaves, and the tan and gray bark that peels off after the leaves look almost white.

If purple is your color, you will like it Leopard®. Burgundy Throughout the summer, the leaves maintain a strong color; even the branches are deep purple-red, and the atypical pink flowers accentuate the dark features. Although not exactly the luster of patent leather, the leaves do shine. The red accent develops as the number of days shortens, although Burgundy still dominates. The winter branches of dark mahogany are perfectly matched with the pale gray of old wood.Leopard® There is a unique columnar habit that can bring height to a narrow space without an undesirable perimeter.

Toast Canary™ It’s a pale version of “Dart’s Gold”, but it’s also a kind of beauty. The bright yellow-green leaves a full-bodied deep color in the summer in spring, and a faint peach and faint bronze color in the fall. The pale red branches add color to the summer show, and in winter, the apparently almost white bark turns dark brown. Canary Cheers™ has a robust round habit-up to 6 feet tall, with arched stems-with fewer internal branches than compact nine-headed trees. The combination of pink and white flowers with fresh yellow-green leaves enhances the vibe of the Easter basket in spring.

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Richard Hawke is the Plant Evaluation Manager at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois.

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