After the New Zealand tour withdrew, the head of PCB said that Pakistan will overcome the crisis

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New Zealand suddenly decided Withdraw from the Pakistan Cricket Tour Pakistan Cricket Committee Chairman Ramiz Raja said on Saturday that it had caused an “unfortunate situation” but the host knew how to overcome such crises.

New Zealand abandoned the tour on Friday’s opening day citing government security alerts, and England is also reconsidering a visit to Pakistan’s men’s and women’s teams next month.

The tour was originally scheduled to start with the first of the third day trip to Rawalpin, but New Zealand did not go to the stadium.

“This is an unfortunate situation,” Raja, who took over as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB) on Monday, said in a video posted by the board of directors. Twitter deal with.

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“But we have encountered similar situations in the past and have always overcome them. We have great resilience… It is a setback to hold an international cricket match in Pakistan, but we will also overcome this crisis.”

Several Pakistani players participated Twitter Vent their anger and frustration with New Zealand’s decision. Raja suggested that they use it to improve performance.

“My message to the team is-vent your anger and frustration through your performance on the court. If you become the best team in the world, others will line up here waiting for you to play in Pakistan.”

End of shock

Local media reported that New Zealand will return home via the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a chartered flight after completing its first trip to Pakistan in 18 years.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan could not immediately specify when Reuters He was contacted, and a spokesperson for the New Zealand team declined to share travel plans.

After Islamic militants attacked the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore in 2009, killing 6 policemen and 2 civilians, the top team largely avoided Pakistan, and people worried that New Zealand’s decision to leave would keep them away .

England is already reconsidering its limited visit to Pakistan next month, and Australia, which is scheduled to visit from February to March next year, is also cautious.

A spokesperson for the Australian Cricket Association said that the organization is monitoring the situation and will “talk to the relevant authorities when we learn more.”

PCB has been eyeing “millions of financial losses”, dawn After New Zealand withdrew, the paper said.

“…This is a blow to the efforts of PCB, government and security agencies to fully restore Pakistan’s international cricket,” dawn To quote an unidentified PCB official.

Pakistan may now have to play “home” games again in the United Arab Emirates, and current and former players are already terrified of this prospect.

“New Zealand just killed Pakistan cricket,” former test bowler Shoaib Akhtar wrote on Twitter.

Pace pitcher Mohamed Amir also criticized New Zealand for abandoning the tour on Twitter: “Hey, New Zealand may forgive us as Pakistanis because we are a caring country, but this behavior will definitely bite you in the future.”


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