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Whether you want to get inspiration, get an education, or just want to have fun with your family and friends, the public garden is a must-visit for tourists and locals who love plants.

These plant palaces vary in size and style, and they usually represent the unique culture, geographical features and flora of the area in which they are located. In this way, the public garden is like a living museum, where all the objects on display grow, deform, and sway in the breeze. If you are visiting a new place, this is a great way to learn more about the state and region.

However, you can learn something from a visit to the public garden without going to an unfamiliar place. These gardens hire local gardening experts and work with them, and are filled with plants that thrive in the area. If you need a better display of creativity or are looking for more plants to add to your wish list, then visiting a garden in your area is a great way to get inspiration and make your home garden better.

There are too many wonderful public gardens in the United States to list them all, but we do have several writers and regional reporters who have written articles about public gardens, whether they work there or just visit them. Some detailed their experiences at large, well-known institutions, while others focused on smaller, hidden gems. Learn more about these gardens and why they are worth visiting in the article below. If you have been to a public garden recently, we would love to hear your experience.Send photos and messages to [email protected].

Some famous public gardens not mentioned below

  • Mid-Atlantic Report

  • Chicago Botanic Garden Test Garden

  • Western Mountain Report

  • Ruth Bancroft Gardens

    Northern California Regional Report

  • Northern Plains Report

  • A crevice garden with purple flowers

    Southeast Region Report

  • North Carolina Botanical Garden

    Southeast Region Report

  • Mid-range border

    Southern California Regional Report

  • Narrow path surrounded by vines

    Southern Plains Report

  • Desert Botanical Garden

    Southwest Report

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